Animals that can live without their heads

The Middle Ages was one of humanity’s darkest epochs, because during this time, many artifacts were invented to execute people and the guillotine was perhaps one of the most used and famous, which also gained great popularity during the revolution French.

Amazing Creatures of Nature

It is obvious that humans could not survive without our head, as this brings us instant death, but this is the case of some animals that can last several hours after being slit, by human or animal predators.

The time they can live varies quite a bit depending on each spice and is conditioned to the way its circulatory system works. In the case of us humans, such a system is extremely important and we couldn´t live without our heads because it is essential that blood is constantly being irrigated to the brain.

However, the nervous system of each animal is also very important in all this. For example, the snake can live without its head for even an hour and both head and body still have reflexes, while the head can bite or attack its victim by injecting poison.

The animals that can survive without heads are cockroaches, snakes and worms that can also regenerate, as they are hermaphrodites; that is, they have female and male sex glands: salamanders, octopuses and although it seems unusual, turtles can survive a short time without the head.

In the specific case of cockroaches, it is due to their supreme resistance. They are able to withstand very high temperatures, as they have an unrivalled shell, which protects them even from the same stomps of a human. But if that’s not enough, they can still exist headless, for whole weeks, because their brain is not in their head, but near the stomach.

The strange case of Mike, the headless chicken, is also evidence that some species can live normally slits.

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Animals that can live without their heads
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August 25, 2019

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