Animals that saved the lives of their owners

Animals can definitely give a great lesson to humans that they can become much more intelligent and caring than ourselves by saving their owners in dramatic situations and putting their own lives at risk. Let’s see.

Animales rescatistas, perros que salvaron la vida

Rescue animals, dogs that saved life

It is a dog that saved the daughter and niece of its owner from being killed by a motorcycle. In his feat he lost his snout, however, after undergoing incredible surgery, the surgeons managed to rebuild his nostrils and today he leads a practically normal life.


One day he insisted enough to his owner to take him out for a walk. At his insistence his elderly mistress finally agreed.

But when he pulled it out, he also insisted enough for her to take him in the opposite direction to a hill.

When Tami, her 85-year-old owner got tired and turned around to watch, she saw the 2011 Tsunami approaching and devastating her city.


It is a dog of pitbull race that literally crossed in the course of a bullet that was directed towards its master when several thieves broke into his property to steal it. The wound was serious and they had to amputate the leg, however Lefty survived.

Yang Yung

He was with some friends in a competition in which they were challenged to see who could stand the most time submerged. However, when he reached the limit he decided to leave with the surprise that his legs did not respond and they were paralyzed by the cold of the waters. Yang thought that he would die but in that moment a beluga whale appeared that took her by a leg and took her to the surface.


It is a pig that was close to its owner when he began to suffer from a heart attack. Immediately the pig ran to the road where he lay down until a motorcyclist stopped. In doing so, the little pig led him to where his owner was. Immediately the motorcyclist called 911, saving the life of man.

Animals that saved the lives of their owners
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June 30, 2019

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