Bees and the danger of extinction

Humanity has always imagined a collapse of civilization originated from terrible wars, atomic bombs or interstellar collapses. However, the end of the world and civilization could be being developed in a quieter and more unimaginable way although, in any case, due to initial actions of the human being.

A danger that is increased by the use of agrochemicals and GMOs

And that imminent danger must be found in bees, in those tiny anthophiles, and their current massive extinction. Since the new millennium began, large numbers of dead and missing bees have been reported. This represents a very serious and troubling fact for the scientific community; recent information is becoming increasingly alarming.

For example, in the United States, on the west coast, more accurately in Oregon, millions of dead bees have been found.

Everything points, according to the scientists themselves, that one of the main causes is the use of gMO, genetically modified crops and the use of the terrible agrochemicals required for such crops, which are the majority in the United States and countries that have signed the Free Trade Agreement with the American country.

The authorities claim to have entered a sorry state of impotence and vulnerability, as they dont see a prompt and possible solution to the critical and relevant situation. 

The greatest danger this entails is that the process of pollination of bees depends on crops germinating and producing. Practically, if the bees disappear, all the food disappears from the planet. Albert Einstein himself said, “the day the bees disappear, humanity will disappear.”

Another alarming fact, in this regard, is that it is believed that the same thing is happening in every country of the world, but since there are no studies focused on these aspects, the precious and concrete circumstances are not really known, at present.

Bees and the danger of extinction
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July 31, 2019

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