Benefits of music

Music not only makes us vibrate, dance, smile or evoke certain moments, but in addition to this it is potentially beneficial for our health, both mentally and physically, because listening to music provides us with many benefits. See:

Reduces pain

Music, as it causes the body to release endorphins and function as a distractor, has been shown to reduce pain by a significant percentage, as much as 21%, especially in painful diseases such as arthritis or osteoarthritis.

Reduces depression

We all go through moments that are painful or that join us in bleak states, but listening to music can comfort us to such an extent of reducing depression by up to 25%.

Reduces blood pressure

According to studies conducted by only listening to approximately 30 minutes daily of relaxing music such as classical, Celtic or Oriental, it can significantly reduce the level of high blood pressure.

Increases immunity

Since listening to relaxing music or our favorite music encourages a positive emotional experience, the organism secretes immune stimulation hormones by preparing our body to better cope with diseases. It also reduces cortisol levels, directly associated as a stress trigger.

Improves body coordination

By functioning as a relaxant, music directly influences muscle tension, which improves movement and coordination and even is positive in people who have some form of motor disorder.

It also serves to relax, meditate, jog, speed recovery after a stroke, reduce the intensity and frequency of migraine and headaches, improve memory, concentration, help in learning and, eventually, improve iq, something that music therapy has made well known. So to listen to music, but that is, at moderate levels, that can’t affect the hearing.

Benefits of music
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July 14, 2019

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