Breast Curiosities: 10 Things You Don’t Know

Breasts have a clear biological function, and is to allow the baby to be breastfed when the woman becomes a mother. But beyond that they are also key in the process of seduction, and they are an inspiration to men and are one of the greatest hallmarks of women.

One of the erogenous parts of women that attracts men the most

1. The nipple has a sensitivity that has usually been underestimated, as just over 1% of women can reach orgasm with the stimulation of that area alone. Apart from that, it is one of the most erogenous areas of women.

2. Breast size is irrelevant when breastfeeding a child, and it has been shown that having larger breasts isn´t indicative of a higher volume of milk production.

3. Smoking is not only harmful to health but also to breasts, and in women smokers it is the direct cause that causes drooping breasts since it reduces elastin, a protein that allows them to be turgid and firm.

4. Breasts are not always the same size, and can grow up to 25% when the woman has the menstrual period or in pregnancy because in these periods the amount of progesterone increases. This makes a lot of women buy the wrong size of bra.

5. There are 4 types of nipples: the planes, the slightly prominent ones, the ones that are sunk inwards and those that always show prominent.

6. The body is not symmetrical and there is usually one part larger than the other, and the same goes for breasts, in which case the left is usually somewhat larger in a percentage greater than 60% of women

7. Women who operate their breasts are more likely to suicide. The reason is that in a good percentage it is associated with low levels of self-esteem and insecurity, the same elements present in people who reach suicide. At the same time, women who operate their bust do more value for what they are, leading to disappointment.

8. Breast weight varies depending on their size, but on average they have a weight of half a kilo, which is only 1% relative to the total body weight.

9. The countries where women perform the most breast surgeries is China, with 15%, followed by the United States with 14% and Mexico with 7%.

10. It is possible to breastfeed without being a mother, however the process can be a bit painful and dystodious in which the woman must stimulate the breast with a suctionr several times a day.

Breast Curiosities: 10 Things You Don’t Know
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July 31, 2019

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