Cancer and its causes

All studies on cancer, conducted consciously, determine that inadequate diet is the number one source of cancer. Pathetic, horrifying and even paradoxical it turns out that our own food is both a poison. But this has been part of the negative aftermath of the Free Trade Agreements, especially with the United States.

Stress would be one of the main causes

Right now, Colombia is importing 80% of mass-consumer products from abroad, and on the rise. As if that weren’t enough, apart from all the GMO foods they sell us, full of deadly agrochemicals and growth hormones, we don’t know how to nourish ourselves intelligently.

The people of the whole of America, from south to north, the vast majority are characterized by a very harmful diet and eating habits. Much of the products on the market and gastronomy contain too much sugar, artificial and dangerous fats, excess meats and dairy, the wrong bittersweet combinations, among other factors.

But far from making mistakes, all these factors of ignorance as to the right diet are irrelevant compared to experimental monstrosities with the food that big industries make with us. They force farmers to exclusively sow genetically modified seeds, which changes DNA and cancer is not expected. This is more than proven. See post ‘Murder to the Seed’.

Not to mention the hormones that inject chickens, cows, pigs, rabbits, etc., to fatten them up and make them grow accelerated and exaggeratedly.

It urges each person to become aware of a responsible and healthy diet, with the aim of avoiding being one of the millions of victims who collect cancer. A curious fact: Jews in Israel have been completely isolated in the cancer virus for decades. But if we look at the food of a Jew, we will realize one of the main reasons. (It should be noted that you are not trying in any way to praise the Jews)

A cancer biology specialist was once asked about what diet would be closest to inevitably causing the disease. The scientist replied, “I couldn’t find a better one than ours.” Within the food that generates these carcinogenic risks, we find white bread, sugar, transgenic fruits and vegetables, canned, sauces, packaging, oils, saturated fats, monosodium glutamate, tartrasine, transgenic soy (most are), refined cereals…

About three decades ago, the food was very different. In short, just before the “Green Revolution” of Mr. Rockefeller, who promoted with his industries and Monsanto the use of totally carcinogenic agrochemicals. In these times of yesteryear, people fed on freshly ground flours, cold-pressed oils, such as olive oil; of whole cereals, fruit, unvaccinated animals fed with natural food and not with concentrates of dubious provenance.

As a logical consequence, in our organisms there are serious deficiencies of vitamins, minerals, proteins and necessary energies of nature. Insulin has been increased in the blood and this causes cancer currently being experienced around the world. It is quite essential to eliminate sugar and genetically altered products, to prevent at all costs to develop evil.

Breast, colon, prostate, lung, liver and kidney cancers are the most common in Latin America; another aspect too momentous to expose in this document is that the consumption of processed or stuffed meats and bagged dairy poses a great health risk.

One is astonished to see that in the White House, the Vatican and the homes of the presidents of nations, senior leaders, senior military leaders and great global authorities, each have a self-sustaining organic farm and for no reason, consume the articles of the common market. They know perfectly well that the more balanced and balanced the diet in vegetables and legumes, the lower the rate of cancer and mortality.

One of the most common tumors that occur in Latin American people is colon. It is developed by ingesting with high frequency animal fats with low fiber content, white bread, sausages, packages and sodas.

Industrial processing of food should be taken into account, because in most situations, these procedures destroy nutritional qualities, as is the case with sausages, packaging, pre-cooked, canned, etc. It is obvious that such products, processed in various transformations, need dyes, additives, preservatives and their nutritional value is almost zero.

In this way, food items on the general market have lost most of their nutritional, medicinal and natural properties and almost all, instead of being food, are toxic hazardous to health, but with good flavors, textures, smells and Sizes.

One thing that could not be missed in this article is to mention the nefarious effects of the microwave oven, which immediately denatures food, since it alters it molecularly. This detail points out the importance of food preparation, which to be relevant and suitable, ovens with high temperatures, frying and long hours of cooking should be avoided.

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Cancer and its causes
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June 30, 2019

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