Cartoon lies that we thought were true

90% of the world’s population spend good childhood years in front of a television receiving immense amounts of information, which is rarely questioned. For example, cartoons have lied and spread misconceptions about some animals, among other things. Let’s see:

Ostriches never hide their heads since they have many natural defense mechanisms that allow them to defend themselves against any attack and they never bury their heads to escape from any danger. On the contrary, they dig but with the only purpose of searching for food and burying their eggs. As if that were not enough, an ostrich can run 90 km per hour and can kill a lion with just one kick, so the version we saw on our TV screens from a very young age is wrong.

Mice don’t like cheese”, and in many cartoons they are trapped with a piece of cheese, but in reality these rodents don’t like cheese at all, as they have a very developed sense of smell and cheese has a very strong smell. The mice prefer grains, fruits, sweets, insects.

Bulls never attack and chase someone wearing red clothes. Bulls are unable to tell whether a cape is red, green or blue and “what catches their eye is the movement”. In other words, we were fooled into believing that a bull could attack us by wearing red.

“The coyote is faster than the roadrunner”, how many times did we not despair when we saw that it could never catch it? But in reality a roadrunner can reach a speed of 32 km per hour and a coyote can run no more and no less than 69 km per hour, good to know because the coyote still has hope of catching the roadrunner. It’s not always good to believe everything the television tells us.


Cartoon lies that we thought were true
Source: curiosities  
July 1, 2020

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