Celebrities with more followers on Facebook

Facebook is the social network with the most users worldwide; and it is that even the elderly have a profile and the celebrities don´t fall behind; because through it, they share their intimacy with their followers.

Celebrities with more followers on Facebook


Singer Beyonce has 63 million fans and shares photos almost daily, with her followers.

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Taylor Swift

The teenage divahas 72 million fans on her Facebook account.

Justin Bieber

He has 72 million fans.

Bob Marley

The missing Reggae singer Bob Marley:registers 74 million fans and something very relevant to highlight, is that despite having more than 30 years since his death, Marley ranks among the most followed celebrities and Facebook, a media tool unimaginable then of the musician. Proof of this, are the countless tributes that can be seen on his wall.

Will Smith

Actor Will Smithwith 74 million fans who in addition to his fame as an actor is well known for the jokes he makes regarding today’s Facebook through his Facebook profile.

Michael Jackson

No matter how long ago, Michael Jackson has managedto gather 75 million fans on his Facebook wall, where the Pop King fans recall him with photographs of his most joyful and exciting moments.

Leonel Messi

Footballer Leonel Messi has 80 million fans.


Singer Rihanna with 81 million fans.


The controversial rap singer has 92 million fans who in addition to his singing career also performs social roles in Detroit his hometown.

Vin Diesel

The actor Vin Diesel who became famous for starring in the film saga Rapids y Furiosos, which achieved great success at the box office. He has 95 million fans.


With 102 million fans, she shows the intimacy of her home with photos of her family and her work, in the recording studios.

Cristiano Ronaldo

The famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo with 106 million fans.

But just as there are celebrities who don’t take off from social media, there are also those who don’t even have Facebook.

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