Champagne-based Christmas cocktails

Although the world of cocktails offers hundreds of options, the Champagne is usually associated with happiness, celebration and prosperity, which then makes it the preferred one to be the protagonist of important toasts, such as the Christmas.

Champagne and originality

However, even if the most important toasts of life, such as births, weddings, commitments or graduations, are always – or most of the time – accompanied by a thin glass of sparkling champagne, this drink should not always be gambling on the Simpleness, because it can also become the ideal choice for those who want to live a much more original and fun experience, since in addition to its delicious taste and versatility, the campaign and its bubbles are always a drink of fun.

Christmas cocktail recipes with champagne

An example of a perfect occasion to try this kind of cocktails, or unleash the creation and imagination on Christmas night, and the festivities that happen during these days, since even though it is a family and traditional celebration, actually in matters of cocktails is totally allowed to break schemes and dare to try new things. An example of such cocktails will be as follows:

Blue Christmas

One of the most popular options on the web about champagne-based cocktails with which the Christmas festivities can be accompanied is this one, which in addition to having the rich flavor of champagne offers an eye-catching blue color, which makes it a chic and quite quite avant-garde, with which all the guests will be surprised.

To prepare it, it will be necessary to have one (1) ounce of pineapple juice, which has been previously cooled / one (1) blue healing spark / champagne / blue sugar. At the time of making this drink, just have the flute-type glass, previously cooled in the fridge, and frost it with champagne and colored sugar, then add in the background the juice, followed by the blue curazao and complete with the champagne.

Apple foam

Another delicious Christmas option offered by the cocktail world is this sparkling apple, combining the delicious champagne bubbles with the traditional Christmas flavor of the apple. To prepare it, it will be necessary to have available one (1) handful of ice cubes / one (1) ounce of apple juice / medium ( 1/2) ounce of cognac / medium ( 1/2) ounce of gum syrup / five (5) thin pieces of red apple / and three (3) ounces of champagne.

When preparing this drink, it will then be necessary to follow the following steps: apple juice, gum syrup, ice, cognac and even apple pieces will be placed in a shaker and stirred vigorously. Completed this step, the mixture will be served directly in a flute-like glass, and completed with champagne.

Christmas rose

Also, you can give a romantic touch to Christmas cocktails with this recipe, which offers the delicate flavor of pink champagne, with the citrus flavors of pineapple and orange. It is also an easy-to-prepare option. The following ingredients should be available at the time of production: one and a half (1/6) ounces of pink champagne; one (1) ounce of pineapple juice and a quarter (1/4) ounce of cointreau.

The preparation will be quite simple, because it will be enough to mix the ingredients directly in the glass. It can be decorated with maraschino cherries, as well as with a spiral of orange peel. Some sources suggest that you can also frost the glass with pineapple juice and sugar.

Classic Christmas

Likewise, those who prefer a much more classic and sober option also have the opportunity to enjoy a cocktail with personality and delicious flavor. To prepare it it will be necessary to have available one (1) lump of sugar / champagne / bitter angostura / one (1) lemon.

With everything at hand, you will then choose to have a flute-like drink where you will add the sugar lump, a spark of angostura bitters, champagne, and decorate it with a lemon peel spiral. This cocktail is ideal for the toast of Good Night, since it perfectly combines sobriety and originality, qualities that come with its exquisite flavor.


Finally, Bellini becomes the dream choice for those who love champagne bubbles, creamy cocktails and sweet flavors. To prepare it, it will be necessary to have available the following ingredients: one (1) bottle of champagne / three (3) tablespoons of white sugar / four (4) peaches in syrup.

The preparation of this drink will not take more than 5 minutes, but some previous steps should be followed, such as cooling the glasses. At the time of making this cocktail it will be necessary to start by processing the peaches in a blender. Once this is done, the sugar and champagne will be added, mixing manually until you get a homogeneous drink. When this is achieved, this preparation will sneak directly into the cups.

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Champagne-based Christmas cocktails
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September 21, 2019

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