Cheetah Curiosities

The cheetah is an atypical member of the feline family comes to weigh 70 kilos and from very young they have peculiarities that make them unique, when they are born they don´t have machas but they have a mane that disappears with the passage of time and like the present tiger unique lines that help them differentiate themselves from each other.

A very well-endowed animal

The cheetah is considered one of the fastest mammals in the world as it can reach 75 kilometers per hour in just two seconds because its body is adapted for speed and this gives it a huge advantage for hunting, but this ability affects notally his fighting ability so he prefers to hunt at noon when his prey rests.

The characteristic spots that look like tears serve them to block sunlight and are the only felines that don´t have retractable nails always show them and are very useful for increasing speed.

Cheetahs have a very large heart with respect to their size and traveling long distances helps them to pump blood more strongly to the whole body also for this reason the lungs and nostrils are very wide which allows them to absorb more ox Igen. They can’t roar but they emit an intimidating sound that has repeatedly been associated with a bird’s singing.

When they turn 18 months old the cheetahs lose all contact with the mother but they remain together until the first zeal and the females are completely separated to start their solitary life, instead the males stay together to hunt in team much larger animals than they.

Cheetah Curiosities
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August 6, 2019

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