Chocolate-based Christmas dessert recipes

Perhaps one of the times when culinary diversity becomes more apparent is during Christmas, western moment in which the diet is placed aside, and you are welcomed to the joy, flavors and company of friends and family.

Chocolate as the protagonist

In this order of ideas, chocolate can be one of the ingredients that takes the most presence on the tables these days decembrinos, since its flavor, its texture and the large number of fans with which it has make this element the protagonist of most desserts with which the tables are adorned, or accompany these special moments of reunions.

Referring to the popularity of this ingredient, which seems to be incentivized during the Christmas season, some authors also point out that this is due to a cultural heritage, where the cold of the decembrin season is associated – at least in the regions north of the planet- with chocolate, because of the ability of this element to provide heat and energy to the human body, which combined with its exquisite flavor, make it almost a magical ingredient.

Chocolate-based Christmas desserts

In this way, nutritional, thermal and culinary qualities make chocolate the star that gives light to the tables of decembrinas. Consequently, it would be impossible to offer a recipe of all the creations and preparations of Christmas desserts containing chocolate, since they constitute a huge universe, in which each culture has placed its grain of sand. However, mention of the most popular chocolate-based Christmas desserts on the network can be mentioned. Here are some of them:

Chocolate nougat

One of the most traditional Christmas desserts – at least in Latin America – is nougat, which if it also joins with chocolate, it will surely become the star version of all the tables, and the delirium of the little ones.

To prepare it, it will be necessary to have available the following ingredients: two hundred and eighty (280 grs.) grams of chocolate ponqué / four (4) tablespoons of cherry jam / four (4) tablespoons of amaretto / one and a half (1 and 1/2) cup of candied fruits / six (6) yolks/average ( 1/2) cup sugar / one (1) tablespoon wheat flour / two (2) cups of milk / fifty-five (55) grams of confectionery chocolate / one (1) cup of milk cream / one (1) spoonful of impalpable sugar / medium (1/2) teaspoon of essence goes inilla.

Once all the elements are available, then the Pancake chocolate will be sliced into slices of at least a centimeter and a half thick. Having the slices, they will be stacked in the form of sandwiches, using the jam so that each slice adheres to the other.

After this process, the sandwiches will be cut into small cubes, which will then be immersed in amaretto. These will be laid on a mold, and the candied fruit will be added on them.

The next step will be to prepare the filling, which will start by creating a paste with the buds and sugar. When this has happened, the flour will be incorporated. In addition, the milk will be placed on the fire, until it reaches the point of boiling, at which point this mixture will be incorporated, leaving the fire until the mixture boils again. At this stage, preparation will not stop to be removed to prevent it from burning. Achieved the desired thickness point, it will be removed from the heat, and you will be allowed to cool down.

Once cold, the melted chocolate will be added to the filling preparation. The ponqué mattress that has been prepared will then be covered and refrigerated for two hours. When removing from the fridge, it will be covered with chantilly cream, and served with fruits in syrup.

Chocolate and orange panna Cotta candied

Another of the most acclaimed desserts of the Christmas season is panna Cotta, which if you mix chocolate and citrus orange flavor, becomes the ideal choice for decembrins festivities.

To prepare this recipe, you will need to have the following ingredients available: one and a half (1 and 1/2) cup of cream / one (1) cup of milk / a quarter ( 1/4) grams of sugar / vanilla essence / a quarter ( 1/4) cup of cocoa powder / two sachets of gelatin without flavor / one (1) tablespoon candied oranges / one (1) tablespoon toasted hazelnuts.

When starting to prepare this dessert, it will be necessary to mix in a pot to cream, milk, sugar and vanilla, in order to bring it over a low heat, stirring with a wooden paddle, to prevent it from sticking to the bottom. In addition, the unflavored gelatin should be prepared, in order to allow time for it to cool.

Once the milk and cream mixture has reached the boiling point, it should be removed from the heat, and the cocoa powder added, taking care that the mixture is as homogeneous as possible. At this point, the gelatin will also be added, mixing everything again. It is left to rest and placed in a mold, taking it to the refrigerator. When it has curdled, it will be unmoulded directly on the plate, garnish with candied orange and hazelnuts.

Chocolate truffles

Also, chocolate truffles are the ideal choice to bring all the flavor of chocolate to the Christmas table. To prepare this dessert, you will surely love the little ones you will need to have the following ingredients: one (1) oreo cookie tube / three hundred (300) grams of cream cheese / one (1) dark chocolate cake pastry / one (1) tablet of cake white chocolate confectionery.

When all the ingredients are available at hand, then the chocolate biscuits will be crushed. After obtaining the small pieces, the cream cheese will be added, mixing in order to achieve as homogeneous a dough as possible. When you reach a solid consistency, you will start making small balls, which will be placed on a mold. They will be taken to the fridge, and left there until they have reached a solid texture. It is usually recommended to leave them overnight.

At this point, the white chocolate should be melted in a bath. In addition, it will be done exactly the same with dark chocolate, only that it will be added butter, mixing until a homogeneous mixture is achieved. With each of these mixtures, the truffles will be bathe. They are then set on a tray and taken back to the fridge until the chocolate that serves as a topping solidifies. At that moment, you can enjoy a sweet Christmas moment.


Chocolate-based Christmas dessert recipes
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September 21, 2019

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