Christmas dedications

Whenever December arrives, the time begins to share with family and friends, as well as the time to give special things to those you love so much. However, gifts are not only the precise object that you will present, but require a special presentation, that is, a nice wrapper and a touching card.

Most of the time, in a bookstore or store, we simply choose – or put someone else to do so – from the options provided by the cards printed by some publisher.

However, it is never too late to get out of the routine, and to propose for the next Christmas to make a little more personalized gifts, that is, to take some time to write to that dear person what you really want for her in the year that is about to begin.

However, most people panic at a blank sheet, feeling a real creative block, when it comes to unleashing the pencil.

That is why on this occasion we have decided to make a list of some possible Christmas dedications, which can serve as a guide when writing a message for the family member or friend you love so much. Surely, once you start your feelings will come out, being reflected in a beautiful card, which with your handwriting, will touch them on Christmas Eve.

Here are some of the dedications you can write down on a personalized Christmas card:

Dedications for family members

May a shower of blessings fall upon you this Christmas. Congratulations!

In this short, but concise dedication, we can let that dear or cherished person know that we keep the best wishes for her. We also make it clear that we will keep her in mind on Christmas Eve, even if we are not by his side. In this sense, this dedication can be used on a card addressed to a friend of the family, the couple, the children, and even the bosses, for which you can change the “you” to “you” or “you” if you are addressed to a group. It can also serve as a openmouth to a larger dedication, where the person specifies what blessings he wants to send.

Couple’s dectorials

My best Christmas present I already got… it’s you! Merry Christmas!

On the other hand, we have this dedication that is a little more personal, and that we can use to write a Christmas card dedicated to the couple, a child or one of the parents, since its content expresses a deep love relationship with the person to whom we send.

In this sense it is being told to the recipient of the card, that the best gift we can have at Christmas is to be next to him or her, so it would be a little inappropriate to send this kind of card to a boss or a friend , since the tone is quite personal.

Dedications for friends

May the Christmas star enlighten your heart tonight, and fill your little tree with Peace, Love, Joy and Prosperity. Happy Holidays!

In a rather personal tone, this dedication can also be included in a card intended for a close friend, a child or a family member, because in an informal and quite intimate way you are told what our wishes are for this person.

He also recalls that not only material things are important on Christmas Eve, but there are gifts and gifts that although intangible are the most necessary. This way, you can start the message of your Christmas card, adding other wishes that you have for your loved one.

Dedications for bosses

Glory to God in Heaven, and on Earth Peace to the men of Goodwill! With great affection we wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays!

Leaving a little personal tone, we have this dedication that although it can be a little longer, it can leave you very well presented when sending a card to some boss or client, because despite being quite emotional, it saves the distance and respect due.

First, it uses a biblical phrase concerning the birth of Jesus, which also serves to express the concept that we have of this person, for by writing it we are making it clear that we consider him a good person, that is, a being of Goodwill. Likewise, we can take advantage of giving a familiar character to our card, because in the dedication we are not only including him, but his family.

Dedications for customers or suppliers

Christmas: Night of Peace, Night of Love. May this Good Night be the beginning of a new cycle full of Health, Abundance, Solidarity, Family, Love, Peace and hundreds of Blessings. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours!

We also have this other dedication, which can also be used to customize a Christmas card dedicated to a boss (whether male or female) as well as for some customer or supplier.

Despite being a little long, it tells the good wishes we have for this person’s life, while extending our congratulations to his family for the Holidays corresponding to the Christmas and New Year’s season.

Another very nice detail for your personalized Christmas cards, is that you can include in them the drawings made by the little ones of the house, which adds an even more familiar, Christmas and emotional touch.

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Christmas dedications
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September 18, 2019

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