Coke: Myths and Facts

Created in the United States in 1886 by pharmacist John S. Pemberton, Coca-Cola gradually became a global brand that sells hundreds of millions of dollars in sodas worldwide, becoming a symbol of the modern world and the object around the world that revolve hundreds of myths.

This time we will introduce four of the most common, while we will tell you which of them are true or not. Below are some of the most common urban legends about this soda trademark, which is constituted as the best-selling in the world:

Myth 1: Coca-Cola is made with Cocaine

This is a myth that has half truth and half legend, because at first, when its creator began to manufacture it in the Atlanta of the mid-14th century it did contain a little of this substance within its composition, because at that time cocaine was considered simple a stimulant, and the heavy health damage and high degree of dependence it can generate were not known, so its use was not prohibited.

However, Coca-Cola doesn´t currently count in its recipe with this substance, although it is composed of extracts from the coca leaf, which are what give it the stimulating qualities they have, and that makes the person feel that spark of apparent enthusiasm and lucidity when you take it.

However, as has been shown, pure Coca leaf doesn´t have the harmful or addictive effects of cocaine. So this myth is false: Coca-Cola is not made with Cocaine nor contains it in its composition.

Myth 2: Coca-Cola is used to dismantle pots

This myth appears to be based on the Content of Phosphoric Acid and Citric Acid that Coca-Cola has. However, as far as it is concerned there are divided opinions, because when there are studies that say that the degree of concentration of these substances is not such that it allows a can of Coca-Cola to serve to remove the mineral residues of ceramics or tiles from the bath, on the other there are hundreds of internet articles and tutorials that seem to prove otherwise.

For example in 2012, the Stylist Home portal – as quoted by the digital medium – stated that only one can of six hundred cubic centimeters was enough to clean a pot, in order to remove the yellow stains that are forming thanks to the residue mineral that leaves the remains of urine in our toilets.

According to this page, the contents of a can of Coca-Cola must be emptied into the pot and allowed to act for a period of thirty minutes, during which time the acids of this soda will act on the mineral remains attached to the ceramic. After this time then a toilet brush should be made, with which you must brush the walls of this one. Then the chain must be halded, and ready: white and shiny bath, without much effort.

In this sense due to the large amount of material for or against this statement we do not have enough information to classify it totally as false or true, so there is nothing left but to leave it to your free opinion. You still don’t lose anything by trying a day of these in your own bathroom if it is true that the acidity of this soda is such that it can release from the slab of your pot those yellow residues that accumulate in the bottom.

Myth 3: Coca-Cola light is fatal in combination with the Mentos

Since 2005 this myth has become a real viral phenomenon, since it seems that a Brazilian boy died due to the combination of this drink in its light presentation and the candies known as menthols. Since then hundreds of videos have flooded the network showing the explosive effects that cause this combination.

However, some articles on the internet indicate – without names or dates – that certain spokespeople of the multinational soft drink company have explained that within the stomach, combining the two elements doesn´t produce the same reaction. On the other hand, videos continue to appear that show time and time again the explosive character of the combination.

As with the above myth it cannot be said that it is entirely true or not, however it is advisable not to ingest these two products together with the intention of confirming or denying what the videos of some portals show.

Myth 4: Coca-Cola destroys teeth

For years there has been talk of the barefoot nature of Coca-Cola, in fact since the fashion of viral videos hundreds are the ones that have been published showing what happens to an egg or a chicken bone if it is immersed for a week in a glass with this soda drink.

According to the opinion of certain experts, sugary drinks in general are harmful to dentures, but if they are also mixed with Phosphoric Acid a fatal cocktail is created for tooth enamel, leaving them unprotected from harmful bacteria producers of cavities.

As for this myth, in the opinion of some experts and as published by some digital media articles such as the BBC, this soda is indeed supremely harmful to the health of our teeth. While according to some health experts their consumption could also bring great damage to the bones of our body. So your intake should not be over-performed as it could cause health damage.

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Coke: Myths and Facts
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August 31, 2019

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