Curiosities and things you didn’t know about the sun

This immense star that illuminates our days and that in addition to that allows us to live the humans, plants, animals and every living organism that inhabits this planet is very enigmatic and for this reason today we will name some curiosities of that beautiful ball fire.

The star king hides many mysteries hides

It is the closest star to earth as it is at a distance of approximately 149,600,000 km away from our planet.

In reality the sun is responsible for the tides, this characteristic was attributed only to the moon, but the gravitational pulling forces that are exerted between the sun, moon and earth are responsible for the rise and fall of the tide of the oceans of tender 3 are closely related.

The sun moves and unlike what we were taught in school the sun is not always still because it is orbiting in the center of the Milky Way about 28,999 light-years and drags the entire solar system along with it.

All existing cultures on earth have given him special places in their rituals of worship and thanksgiving, because it is essential to the life of every existing organism, for the Egyptians it was known as Rá for the Maya was known as Quetzalcoatl, the Romans worshipped him under the name of Apollo and the Greeks under the name of Helio, the Chibchas in Colombia called him Sua.

The sun in its structure consists of 3 layers, the first is the photosphere that has a temperature of 5,726oC, then there is the convection zone where the heat moves slowly towards the surface and finally this is the radioactive zone where the nucleus has a temperature  15,600,729oC.

It is also 330,000 times heavier than earth and accounts for 99.8% of the entire mass of the solar system the remaining 0.2% is occupied by Jupiter, so we can deduce that the earth is a minimum point in the solar system.

Every 10 billion years the sun becomes 10% brighter, confirming theories that the life on our planet is terribly threatened because sadly without sun there is no life.

Curiosities and things you didn’t know about the sun
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July 31, 2019

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