Curiosities and things you didn’t know about the tiger

The tiger could certainly dethrone the lion the fearsome king of the jungle, as it possesses unique characteristics in its kind and in addition to this its presence imposes a beautiful mixture of color and strength.

This beautiful feline has 6 subspecies including the flare tiger, the Malay tiger, the Indo-Chinese, the Siberian, the southern China and the Sumatra tiger.

A supernatural creature

This beautiful feline is the largest in the world in its kind, although its size varies according to the subspecies mentioned above, the male can reach 350 kilos in weight and can reach 3.9 meters in length including the tail.

You can see colors but their night vision is very developed but despite having a very sharp night view they cannot detect animals at rest and to compensate for this anatomical lack of an ear so developed that they can easily detect a prey only with hear the slight sound of his breathing.

Adult tigers can jump up to 6 meters high or 10 meters in length, and this gives them the honor of taking second place among mammals that can jump long distances since the first place is occupied by pumas, but their size is relatively smaller I don’t think so.

They are not afraid of water and never despise a prey no matter how small, as their diet includes from monkeys, rabbits, fish, peacocks, zebras, gazelles and can kill an adult ruminant by taking just one blow with their huge claws that usually reach m 7.5 cm long can also travel speeds of up to 90 kilometers per hour despite their large size.

The roar of this fearsome feline has perceptible sound waves but in addition to this it contains infrasound waves that are inaudible to the human ear and have terrifying and paralyzing effects in the animal kingdom.

The fingerprint of the tigers is the pattern of the stripes of the skin since these are not repeated in any other tiger, for us all may seem the same but the wise nature has taken the task of differentiating them from each other.

Curiosities and things you didn’t know about the tiger
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