Curiosities of Nature

We live on a planet that never ceases to amaze us as we discover it, and of which we don’t even know half of it. Formed by all living beings – known to us, or not – nature has hundreds of phenomena that leave us stunned every time we confront them.

On this occasion we want to offer a list of some curious facts about the nature and the elements that compose it, so that the reader can get an idea of the surprising facts that it encompasses, as well as its elements and inhabitants, of which –although –although sometimes we forget- we are part of it. Then curiosities of natures:

Giant, ancient or surprising trees

Considered by some people to be majestic, trees grow and live at a different rate than humans, serving hundreds of animals for centuries, unless by human or natural intervention something interrupts their long and leafy life.

However, few are aware that trees are also living things, which have ages, characteristics and ways of life. In this section we will refer to some surprising characteristics of some species of trees.

For example, if it were to grow, according to the specialists, the fastest growing tree would be eucalyptus, which could reach in just one year ten meters in height, that is, almost thirty-three feet long.

As for the height issues, however, the prize is for a tree, belonging to the species Secoya, whose home is in California, which is eighty-four meters high, that is two hundred and seventy-five comma five feet. Likewise the diameter of its trunk has been calculated in twenty-nine meters.

Variing quality, and going from height to age, we find that the oldest tree that is recorded has an age of 4,789 years, and it is a pine that also inhabits California. In fact, he was baptized with the name of Methuselah, after the biblical character, whose characteristic was precisely to have lived for 969 years.

To finish with the trees and some of their amazing qualities, we have the Boabad, a surprising tree, inhabitant mostly of the African lands, which has the great quality of being able to store up to a thousand liters of water inside its trunk, so some internet portals have called it in a joke tone, the most hydrated tree on the planet.

Incredible seas, rivers and lakes

As terrestrial beings, the aquatic kingdoms have always caught our attention and surprised us with their enigmatic and incredible inhabitants, as well as their amazing conditions, which would be impossible for any human being. In this entry we will list some of the most surprising data about certain seas, rivers and lakes on our planet.

In this sense we can start by commenting on what is the coldest sea on the planet, in whose category we have as the winner the White Sea, located in Russia and which can record temperatures of minus two degrees Celsius, i.e. -2oC. On its opposite side, we also have the warmest sea in the world, made up of the Persian Gulf, which has up to thirty-five commas six degrees Celsius.

As for some curious data about rivers, we have for example the immense Nile River, but not the one that flows on the surface, which is already huge, but the one that circulates below it, having a flow up to six times greater than the river that we can all see. In the same field of river waters also surprises the Amazon River, whose waters have the capacity to enter the sea up to one hundred and eighty kilometers.

Finally, the lakes also surprise in terms of their formation or inhabitants. One example is Bosumtwi Lake, located in Ghana, Africa, which has a diameter of eight kilometers, and which scientists say is a body of water that formed in the crater made by a meteorite hundreds of years ago.

Amazing animals

Likewise, an essential inhabitant of nature are the animals that inhabit it. Finally, we want to name some incredible facts about these living beings, who are fundamental to the growth of plants and other beings on the planet, and of which – even if we are not present – we are part of them, as mammals that we are. Then some animal curiosities:

As children we learn the sounds of animals, especially from the closest ones. In this way we know that the dog makes “gua-gua”, the duck “cuack-cuck” and the cat “miau-miau”. But what sound would you make if you were asked how a giraffe makes? Don’t worry if you don’t know, it’s not about ignorance, but that the giraffe is the only animal that doesn’t have vocal cords, so it’s totally mute, besides having the amazing quality of sleeping just seven minutes a day, doing it standing.

In reference to the procreation of mammals, we have that the animal that spends the most time in the womb is not the human with forty long weeks, but the elephant, which lasts two years forming in the uterus of its mother. And if the giraffe seems to you to be the most insomniac animal on the planet, we can give you as a final data its counterpart: the koala, which sleeps for twenty-two hours a day, staying awake for only two hours of it, during which time they eat, among other activities.

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Curiosities of Nature
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September 18, 2019

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