Curiosities of salt

There are many myths woven around the risks of salt consumption, but this is indispensable for the proper functioning of the body. Salt is essential to keep the body well hydrated and for cells to have necessary water; it also regulates the body’s fluids.

Some ways to get salt

Common salt or sodium chloride (NaCl) can be obtained in several ways. The best known is that obtained by evaporation of water, which results in sea or spring salt. Another way to obtain it is by extracting a rock called halita, which is pulverized and gives life to the famous seasoning, which has accompanied humanity for a long time.

Also, there is a method of getting salt from grasses such as cereals, corn, and canes that are boiled to obtain vegetable salt.

Salt in China

In China salt was used from the 17th century BC proof of this are the records that are held. In Europe during the Roman Empire, special routes were created for the distribution of salt. The word salary comes from the Latin ‘salarium’, which in turn comes from ‘salt’, which curiously was the ore with which workers were paid.

This precious seasoning is not only used in culinary to flavor meals but is also used for food conservation and today, it is used for road maintenance as in countries that have seasons when winter falls , snows and freezes so large amounts of salt are distributed that, when contact with snow, dissolve leaving the paths passable.

Excess salt illnesses

Obviously, all excess is harmful and above all the abuse of salt can trigger hypertension which is a condition characterized by raising blood pressure because the blood vessels are more compressed and the heart performs a extra effort to pump blood. In these cases salt intake should be monitored and monitored very meticulously.

Salt and the global health organization

WHO says the ideal salt consumption per day is 5 grams, equivalent to one teaspoon for the whole day. Many precooked foods contain sodium, because it is an excellent preservative. In this regard, canned and canned foods contain a very high amount of salt. It is much more recommended and healthy to eat fresh foods because its salt content is much lower, experts say.

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Curiosities of salt
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August 28, 2019

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