Curiosities of the Middle Ages: strange fashions and customs

The Middle Ages is a time of history that has inspired countless films, books, plays and that even today it remains an enigma because the investigations dont end and every day more details of this sinister and enigmatic era of the history of mankind.

A magical but extravagant time

Most people think that this era was emblaved with romanticism, perfumes, beauty, castles and noble knights. But this is the idea that the seventh art has sold us, but we aren´t sure how our ancestors lived.

In the Middle Ages people used to throw their droppings through the windows of their houses because it was normal and well seen that everyone emptied the urinals through the windows for this reason the passers-by had to walk very cautiously and always look up so as not to be washed away by the needs of others. Obviously this custom triggered terrible epidemics and diseases because the streets were flooded with faeces that were not only human but also the rest of the animals that inhabited the cities.

Forks were not used because they were forbidden by the church that claimed that these utensils were the creation of the devil and in addition to this there was a belief that if God wanted them to be used he would not have given them fingers so at that time he ate with his hands. Only the wealthiest people used cisterns in their bathrooms while the humblest people had to use latrines to do their needs.

People of that time didn´t bathe because there was no culture of doing so they left the same clothes for days and these were also a trigger of many diseases very famous at the time with what was the black plague.

The large cities accumulated so much stenity that it was perceived from miles away. Clothes were washed with urine and ashes because it was a way to foam so that it could remove stains and grease from clothes, which can now be an excellent detergent.

Men and women were made up with albayalde to get a more youthful appearance and give the skin a very pale color but this element was highly toxic because it contained huge amounts of lead. The populated eyebrows were the sensation for that epic and so much was the people’s obsession with fashions that they glued rat hair to make them look more abundant.

These curiosities partly demonstrate our origins, although today we live in a very different way, the cities are crowded with our faeces but now they pass under our feet and follow fashions that make many but fascinate many population.

Curiosities of the Middle Ages: strange fashions and customs
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August 14, 2019

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