Curiosities of the Simpsons: 10 things you did not know

The Simpsons are the well-known animated series of television that jocularly and satirically presents the way of life of American society, represented in a middle class family. However, you may not know some curious things about the Simpsons. Let’s see:

Curiosidades de los Simpsons: 10 cosas que no sabias

The preferred program of thousands of people

  1. The phrase douh, which Homer so pronunced became so popular in the United States that the Oxford dictionary decided to include it as an interjection that is pronounced before a foolish action.
  2. Most of the characters in the series are left-handed, just like their creator.
  3. The Simpsons are yellow because one of the animators of the series suggested it to the creator, and he liked the idea a lot because it would be a differentiating and visual impact element.
  4. The series has not only been translated into dozens of languages, but also an adaptation was made in Arabic in the year 2005. However, the proposal was unsuccessful and only lasted for 53 chapters.
  5. The names of the characters of the Simpsons really are the same names of Matt Groening, its creator, except the name of Bart, who would be the same Matt.
  6. The characters in the series only have four fingers. However, characters like God or Jesus Christ are represented with full fingers.
  7. Homer’s hair, as well as his ear, have the initials of his creator stamped. You can see perfectly the eme in capital letters and, next to the ear, although with less clarity, the letter ge.
  8. The characters of Troy Macclaur and lawyer Lionel Jutz disappeared from the series because the actor who gave him a voice was killed. He did not get anyone to replace him.
  9. The first chapter was issued on December 17, 1989 and, just in 2014 they are celebrating 25 years of issuance.
  10. The Simpsons belong to the Fox television network. However, Fox wanted to secure the rights to the series to such an extent, and he is so confident in his success that he acquired the rights until the year 2082. This means that possibly Many of us will die before The Simpsons stops broadcasting.
Curiosities of the Simpsons: 10 things you did not know
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June 30, 2019

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