Curious hobbies of celebrities

Celebrities apart from being world-renowned for their professions are also human beings like the rest of us and have several hobbies that rarely come to light.

Paris Hilton, the millionaire heiress of the Hilton emporium has always made public her disagreement with hunting but is a lover of frog hunting, ironically one of her greatest passions is to hunt these beautiful and baboon amphibians but never encloses them but the It only catches for the enjoyment that it causes you to do so and then release them and this is one of the activities that most amuses you at the ranch you have in Nevada.

Johnny Depp the famous actor who plays the man hands of scissors is a collector of Barbies and in his possession has a large collection that has a price endorsed at several million dollars and in his collection has famous barbies such as Beyonce or actress Lindsay L they hear besides this the actor confessed to having played in his childhood with Barbies and Kens.

Tom Hanks famous for playing leading roles in Forrest Gump and the Shipwreck has a rather nostalgic and endearing collection consisting of 200 old typewriters, but beyond being an ornament these artifacts still serve and have been of great help to the actor to write.

Boxer Mike Tyson, despite having been the winner of many world contests and having a rose bush that only instills fear has a point that for some might be weak but for others it can be very normal and it is his fondness for birds since the boxer has a collection n of birds but his favorite bird and to which he gives many more pampering than to the others are the pigeons.

Singer Taylor Swift is recognized worldwide for her success in recent years and is a teen idol but not only has musical artistic skills but is also a craft because she creates magical Christmas snowballs of those that shake and create a whole tor mint inside.

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Curious hobbies of celebrities
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August 22, 2019

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