Dinosaur eggs found on the street by workers

Dinosaurs are spectacular creatures that made their foray about 230 million years ago, during the Triassic period and, although they became extinct several million years later, it is still possible to find some preserved remains, which that has allowed to reconstruct its appearance, its environment and way of life, among several other things.

No one imagined that would be on a street

But finding dinosaur eggs is something that can become more spectacular. However, this event occurred around April 2015 when several workers from the Chinese city of Heyuan began their construction work on a city street.

It is not yet known how exact the eggs would be, but it is estimated that they are between 65 and 230 million years old, and that they belong to the Mesozoic era, times by which the tyrannosaur still lived.

But the event is not unprecedented and, in fact, Heyuan is known as the home of dinosaurs, as more than 10,000 dinosaur eggs had already been found before, to which are added the 43 recently found.

The price of each egg can amount to several thousand dollars, however, they are not for sale as they will give to the Museum of Heyuan, which in 2004 held the Guinness World record for having the world’s largest collection of dinosaur eggs, a figure to which the 43 found by the workers will undoubtedly be added.

Dinosaur eggs found on the street by workers
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August 14, 2019

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