Eight of Cups Tarot Card Meaning


With the name eight cups this card occupies the eighth place of the Tarot Cup club. On this occasion we offer a summary of the most representative symbolic features of this deck, as well as the general interpretations that make it the majority of experts in this divinatory method that apparently originated in the Middle Ages in Italy.

In this card – based on the Tarot Rider – we can see a man dressed in a red cape moving away from his back, leaving behind eight cups intact, laid in a row: five at the base, three at the top. Some symbology experts have agreed to point out that the color of this character’s layer signals the action.

On the other hand, the cups don´t indicate anything in particular, these aren´t falling, pointing to losses as in the five cups, or full of gifts like the Seven Cups. These are simply put there and the man has decided to stay away from them. In that line of thought this card would be indicating the moment when a person decides, whether good or not the past, that it is time to abandon a situation and move on with his life.


Whenever this card appears indicates that the consultant lives a moment when he feels and needs to make a radical change in his life, which can indicate trips, moves, separations, events that will start again leaving some situation behind, if not his full life. It also indicates the moment when the individual decides to march towards his dreams, despite leaving some things behind, for which value will always be required.

Likewise this card can tell the consultant that it is time to change strategy and look for new methods that allow him to achieve what he has been trying to consult for a long time and that he hasn´t achieved, because how this card indicates the path that will take him to their goal is another.

It also indicates that the person goes through a moment where his heart seeks to expand into new horizons, whether sentimental, work or even economic. For some experts in this divinatory method this card also represents the value chart, because in light of their interpretations it takes great value to leave the known (offered by the cups) to move towards what we do not know and find sits entirely new.

However, it is important to remember that like all tarot cards, the Eight Cups must be analyzed in context, that is, taking into account the accompanying cards, which are the ones that will ultimately throw us if their presence is positive or negative.

Similarly, most tarotists point out that the meaning of this card, in the Ride tarot, is closely linked to the meaning that the hermit card of the elder arcane takes on this particular deck. For like that eldest arcane, the Eight Cuptalk speaks of travelling alone to the unknown, both outside (i.e. in concrete subjects) and internally.

And if it appears inverted

Also, like the rest of the tarot cards, the Eight Cups also has a meaning if it comes to appear inverted, that is, head, in which case they would indicate that the consultant refuses to leave behind a situation. On the one hand, this card may be confirming to the person that this fear or desire not to abandon the present moment is valid and that it isn´t yet the time to leave, because you can still make a great profit from what you have or are living.

However, if the consultation is loving, the above meaning is not valid, as the presence of this card in reverse could be indicating that the person refuses to continue on his way, clinging to a relationship that has nothing more to offer him , perhaps because of the fear it gives you to start alone again. Likewise, this card invested in the sentimental plane may be referring to a crisis of self-esteem, in which the consultant is not able to give himself his fair value.

In combination with other cards

Similarly, it is necessary to know that in combination with other cards, the Eight cups acquires different nuances and meanings. For example in the company of the card that immediately follows you on the stick of Cups, that is, the Nine Cups takes a positive sense, where it refers to obtaining a level of Happiness Assured.

Also next to El Carro can indicate maximum joy, as well as a journey by land. Next to the Golden Jack, the Eight Cups indicates that the encounter may be about to happen or the call of an old love.

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Eight of Cups Tarot Card Meaning
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August 28, 2019

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