Eight of Swords Tarot card meaning


Named Eight of Swords, this card comes eighth place in the Swords of the Tarot Lesser Arcane suit. In this entry we provide a summary of the possible interpretations attributed to this deck by the specialists in this divinatory method that emerged when appearing in the Italian Middle Ages.

Based on the deck of Rider’s Tarot, in this card we can see the image of a woman who finds a blindfold and tied her hands in the middle of eight swords, which appear nailed to the ground.

For some symbol specialists, the swords drawn in this card recall the bars of a prison, however, the symbol scholars also point to the fact that they are deployed horizontally, i.e. the woman isn´t actually finds behind them, has plenty of room to escape if you wish. However, the blindfold that covers your eyes does not allow you to see the options in front of you.

Behind it you can see a landscape that apparently just passed through a strong storm, equally the floor under it looks humerus, which for some tarotists is a sign of fertility, however there is no trace of vegetation, symbol that is interpreted by scholars as the inability to take advantage of the resources that are available.

Just as women cannot see opportunities for advancement, fertility is also not used to produce what is necessary. However, most tarotists agree that this card brings with it a message of proof, that is, that this period of apprehension is simply a test of life, from which the consultant will emerge with much more knowledge and wisdom.


As for the specific plans of existence, this card has specific meanings. For example in the field of work, he may indicate that the consultant is going through a stage where problems and obligations seem to exceed his forces, so he may find himself a little disoriented and impotent, feeling that he may not be in the suitable place.

However, it is important to remember how the woman in this card has everything to get out of the swords that seem to press her but the blindfold doesn´t allow her to see it. In this sense, the person lives a mental block that doesn´t allow him to make use of his possibilities, both internal and external, which are extremely productive.

Similarly, although this card notes that the storm has already passed, the consultant may be barely recovering from a stage of hostility against him in the work environment, which although overcome may be making him feel alone and isolated. However, this card warns of the importance of actually forgiving and approaching others without preconceived ideas.

It may also indicate that the person is living a new beginning, in which he makes the mistake of approaching others thinking that they will treat him just like his former colleagues or partners.

In this case, most tarotists agree that prejudices have the property of blocking us and limiting both our scope and the way we relate to the world, so the best way to free ourselves is to leave behind prejudices and ideas a priori, it is better to give yourself the opportunity to know others as they are, than to be careful to live, for fear of going through a negative circumstance again.

On the other hand, this card also has an important significance in terms of the economic, because its appearance within a reading focused on finances may be reminding the consultant about the need to tuck as far as the blanket, because there is no doing so can lead us to be cornered by debt.

This card also speaks to a consultant who feels that finances and responsibilities imprison him. He also talks about the importance of calming down so that he can really see the possibilities ahead, because the consultant may be going through a stage of fatigue that does not allow him to truly see the resources and skills that he has to earn more money or have an activity that reflects prosperity.

In the loving realm, the presence of the Eight of Swords comes to warn the consultant of the need to look for methods that will get him out of the routine, for both he and his partner may be going through a time when everything seems like an obligation.

Perhaps the couple has set aside the way to have fun or has forgotten how to communicate from the surprise, talking only about what worries them. In this way the Eight of Swords warns about the need to reinvent itself daily and to include in the relationship fun, a little madness and surprise.

If it appears inverted

Like each and every Tarot card, the Eight of Swords also has a specific meaning if it comes to appear headfirst, i.e. inverted.

In this case, this card takes on a somewhat risky aspect, because unlike its right position where the consultant does not see how to get out of a situation he considers desperate, when the Eight of Swords is inverted he may be referring to methods unconventional that the consultant has found to get out of the situation he lives on, either from rebel actions to some little attached to the law.

Although this card speaks of an impulse to get out of trouble, morality and honesty mustn´t be set aside anyway, because our actions will always have consequences.

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Eight of Swords Tarot card meaning
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September 18, 2019

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