Erzebeth Bathory: The world’s most murderous woman

Erzebeth Bathory, an Hungarian-born aristocrat, daughter of Countess Anne and George Bathory, who inhabited the mountains of Transylvania and were one of the most influential families of the time, was undoubtedly an icon of mysterious folklore that is weaving around the imposing castles of Transylvania, which hide many mysteries and crimes that have never been solved.

A woman surrendered to evil

This woman, from the age of 15, was forced to marry a young man she did not know and lived alone most of the time, because her husband had many obligations outside the home, with the impending wars that besieged the country.

Erzebet, unlike many women of the time, received study in the best academies; she spoke Hungarian, Latin and German perfectly, but became obsessed with perpetuating his beauty and when she was 40, her appearance was that of a beautiful twentysomething.

These descriptions are those in the historical records of the place. The source of her impending beauty was a mixture of blood and bodily fluids, which drew from her victims who became more than 600 virgin women, mostly belonging to the nobility.

She holds the Guinness Record of the Woman Who Has Killed the Most in Human History. In addition to causing deaths, she was also well known for making succulent banquets and parties at the castle of Aachtice which then drifted into sexual with almost daantescan practices.

When she turned 25, Erzebet fathered two children with her husband Fenrec, who later died of a strange illness, which she contracted in one of the many battles she starred in.

This was perhaps the event that triggered Countess Bathory’s “madness” and bloodlust. Since then, she has been known for torturing her maids in the basement of the castle. In addition to her madness, she also acquired an immense fortune, which served to sponsor her cousin Gabor I Bathory, to become the prince of Transylvania.

This gave him many advantages to perform his unusual rituals, which they often associated with demons and spirits that help him get the favors of his beauty; for with such power they couldn´t involve her, let alone imprison her for the recurring deaths.

Count Thurzo was the forerunner of the investigations against the Countess and in 1612, they raided the castle where young people were found in a state of total bleeding. Some still alive and many naked corpses, with signs of violence on the outskirts of the castle; but beyond deaths and demonic rituals, she was only interested in obtaining the title of the lands that the Countess had in his name.

The victims were women between eleven and twenty-five years. The Countess denied all the allegations against her. All the Countess’s servants were beheaded and burned. But the witches Dorotea, Helena and Piroska, the Countess’s counselors weren´t beheaded, but had their fingers ripped off with burning irons as punishment.

The law prevented any violent act against the nobility, so Bathory was locked in the dungeon of her castle, with the windows and doors clogged. All she had was a little hole where water and some food were poured in.

On 31 July 1614, Erzsebet, 54, drafted her will and her last will was that all that was left in her name be evenly divided among her children. A month later, the jailers found her dead in her bed, having spent four long years locked up. Throughout history, this mythical lady has been the protagonist of many books, films and musical projects.

Erzebeth Bathory: The world’s most murderous woman
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July 27, 2019

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