Europe’s main nationalities and capitals

No matter how much knowledge we have about the geography of our planet, we don’t always fully manage the names of all countries or capitals. That is why on this occasion we offer you a list, based on a special article of the Royal Spanish Academy, on the countries of the European continent, its nationalities and main capitals, so that you have at hand a practical list that will help you to clarify your geographical knowledge.

Country: Albania / Nationality: Albanian/ Capital: Tirana

Country: Germany / Nationality: German, German, German / Capital: Berlin

Country: Andorra / Nationality: Andorran, Andorran, Andorrans / Capital: Andorra la Vieja.

Country: Austria / Nationality: Austrian, Austrian, Austrian / Capital: Vienna

Country: Belgium / Nationality: Belgian, Belgian / Capital: Brussels

Country: Belarus / Nationality: Belarusian, Belarusian, Belarusian / Capital: Minsk

Country: Bosnia-Herzegovina / Nationality: Bosnian, Bosnian, Bosnian. Although Bosnian-herzegovino, Bosnian-herzegovina, Bosnian-Herzegovina/Capital forms are also used: Sarajevo

Country: Bulgaria / Nationality: Bulgarian, Bulgarian, Bulgarian / Capital: Sofia

Country: Vatican City / Nationality: Vatican, Vatican

Country: Croatia / Nationality: Croatian, Croatian / Capital: Zagreb

Country: Denmark / Nationality: Danish, Danish, Danish / Capital: Copenhagen

Country: Slovakia / Nationality: Slovak, Slovak, Slovak / Capital: Bratislava

Country: Slovenia / Nationality: Slovenian, Slovenian, Slovenian / Capital: Luibliana

Country: Spain / Nationality: Spanish, Spanish, Spanish / Capital: Madrid

Country: Estonia / Nationality: Estonian, Estonian, Estonian / Capital: Tallinn

Country: Finland / Nationality: Finnish, Finnish, finieses. Although Finnish, Finnish, Finnish/Capital: Helsinki is also accepted

Country: France / Nationality: French, French, French / Capital: Paris

Country: Greece / Nationality: Greek, Greek, Greek / Capital: Athens

Country: Hungary / Nationality: Hungarian, Hungarian, Hungarian / Capital: Budapest

Country: Ireland / Nationality: Irish, Irish, Irish / Capital Dublin:

Country: Iceland / Nationality: Icelandic, Icelandic, Icelandic / Capital: Reykjavik

Country: Italy / Nationality: Italian, Italian, Italian / Capital: Rome

Country: Latvia / Nationality: Latvian, Latvian, Latvian / Capital: Riga

Country: Liechtenstein / Nationality: liechtenterian, liechtensteinian, liechetensteinians / Capital: Vaduz

Country: Lithuania / Nationality: Lithuanian, Lithuanian, Lithuanian / Capital: Vilnius

Country: Luxembourg / Nationality: Luxembourgish, Luxembourg, Luxembourg / Capital: Luxembourg

Country: Macedonia / Nationality: Macedonian, Macedonian, Macedonian / Capital: Skopje

Country: Malta / Nationality: Maltese, Maltese, Maltese / Capital: Valletta

Country: Moldova /Nationality: Moldovan, Moldovan, Moldovan / Capital: Chisinau

Country: Monaco / Nationality: Monegasque, Monegasque, Monegasque / Capital: Monaco

Country: Norway / Nationality: Norwegian, Norwegian, Norwegian / Capital: Oslo

Country: Netherlands (the) / Nationality: Dutch, Dutch, Dutch / Capital: Amsterdam

Country: Poland / Nationality: Polish, Polish, Polish / Capital: Warsaw

Country: Portugal / Nationality: Portuguese, Portuguese, Portuguese / Capital: Lisbon

Country: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (el) / Nationality: British, British, British/ Capital: London

Country: Czech Republic / Nationality: Czech, Czech, Czech / Capital: Prague

Country: Romania or Romania / Nationality: Romanian, Romanian, Romanian / Capital: Bucharest

Country: Russia / Nationality: Russian, Russian, Russian / Capital: Moscow

Country: San Marino / Nationality: Sanmarinense, Sanmarinenses / Capital: San Marino

Country: Serbia and Montenegro / Nationality: Known simply as inhabitants of Serbia and Montenegro, being the only country without Gentiles proper said until 2006, when they began to call themselves Serbian-Montenegrins, even though this information has not yet been updated in the Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy or in its Pan-Hispanic Dictionary of Doubts. However this gentility, is already used by international organizations and speakers, so its lexicalization will happen eventually / Capital: Belgrade

Country: Sweden /Nationality: Swedish, Swedish, Swedish / Capital: Stockholm

Country: Switzerland / Nationality: Swiss, Switzerland, Swiss / Capital: Bern

Country: Turkey /Nationality: Turkish, Turkish, Turkish / Capital: Ankara

Country: Ukraine / Nationality: Ukrainian, Ukrainian, Ukrainian / Capital: Kiev

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Europe’s main nationalities and capitals
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August 25, 2019

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