Example of vodka-based cocktails

Vodka is one of the most used alcoholic beverages in the world of bars and bars to prepare various types of cocktails, due to its flavor, considered by some experts as the most neutral in the world of cups, making it the ideal base for creating and pr to stop dozens of rich different cocktails, from the driest snacks to the sweetest drinks.

Created in Poland, and disputed by Russia, vodka consists of a mixture of water and ethanol, produced from the fermentation of some starchy grains or foods such as potatoes. It consists of a high alcoholic strength and is currently used to prepare most fruit-based cocktails that exist, being mostly preferred by women.

Although excessive drinking causes great damage to health, you may occasionally enjoy sharing one or two drinks with your friends or your partner.

This time we show you five examples of cocktails made from vodka with which you can treat your guests or give yourself an intimate taste with that special person. Here are five vodka cocktails and how to prepare them in the comfort of your home:

Vodka Nikolashcka

Named in honor of its origins, this cocktail offers the palate a midpoint between a dry and a sweet cocktail. To prepare it you will need to have the following ingredients: two (2) sparks of bitter orange / vodka / one (1) slice of orange without peel / one (1) teaspoon of pulverized sugar / Curacao. You’ll also need one (1) glass of cocktail /one (1) teaspoon. Once you have all your ingredients at hand then you will proceed to the preparation. Take your cocktail glass and sprinkle the two sparks of bitter orange at the bottom of it.

Immediately you must fill the glass up with vodka. Add the orange slice, previously peeled, to the edge of your glass. On the surface of your drink and with the help of a teaspoon spread a layer of pulverized sugar. Immediately pour the Curacao until it begins to overpass the sugar layer and mix with the vodka. Serve your guests.


Also with a Russian name, this cocktail is a body-heavy choice with a slightly dry taste, which can be perfect for use as an aperitif at your dinners or meals. To prepare it you will need: some ice cubes / medium (1/2) cup of vodka / one (1) tablespoon of unanise brandy / one (1) tablespoon of lemon juice / one (1) plum raisin. You will also require one (1) shaker/ one (1) cocktail glass.

Already with all the ingredients at hand then you will proceed to add to the shaker the ice cubes, vodka, non-aniseed brandy and lemon juice. Shake vigorously and decant without the ice in the cocktail glass. Add your prune and serve.


In the same order of strong and dry cocktails that can be used as appetizers, you will find vodkatin. To prepare it you will need some ice cubes / one (1) cup of Russian vodka / two (2) teaspoons of French vermouth / two (2) sparks of Angostura Bitter / one (1) pickled onion. You will also require one (1) shaker/ one (1) cocktail glass. At the time of preparation you must then mix in your shaker the ice cubes, the drink of Russian vodka, the French vermouth and the bitterness of angostura. Shake hard and decant, without the ice, in a cocktail glass, add the pickled onion and serve your guests.


Also useful as an aperitif – for its dry and robust taste – we find this cocktail named after the olive tree. For its preparation you must gather the following ingredients: some ice cubes / one (1) drink of Russian vodka / one (1) tablespoon of sherry / the juice of one (1) lemon / one (1) stuffed olive. You will also require one (1) shaker / and one (1) wide standing cup. Once all the elements by hand we must then add to our shaker the ice cubes, vodka, sherry and lemon juice. We shake hard, and we decant without the ices in our wide-footed glass. Finally we add the stuffed olive and serve at our table.

Boatman of Wolga

For those who prefer the sweetest options, in terms of cocktails you will find this option that offers the palate the strength of vodka and the sweetness of orange. To prepare it you will need: some ice cubes / one (1) tablespoon of vodka / one (1) tablespoon of Cherry Brandy / the juice of half orange. You will also need one (1) shaker / one (1) glass of cocktail.

Once you’ve put all the ingredients and elements together, we’ll then start by adding ice, vodka, Cherry Brandy and orange juice to the shaker. We should shake vigorously and decant – without the ice – in the cocktail glass. Then we serve it to our guests.

“When it comes to cocktails, vodka seems to be everyone’s go-to liquor. It pairs well with pretty much anything, especially if you choose a vodka with no inherent flavour”, Shatbhi Basu, Beverage Consultant and Director of STIR Academy of Bartending.

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Example of vodka-based cocktails
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August 31, 2019

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