Examples of bugs in famous films

Perhaps one of the most thorough and detailed works is those related to the world of Cinema, an area where all the details must be taken care of. However, there are moments, as in every human creation, where neither the most expert script, director, cameraman or editor manage to notice small mistakes, which finally reach the big screen, to display themselves in the eyes of all.

This time we will present some of the mistakes of the highest-grossing and most famous films of all time, and which in turn have also become part of the cult of these films, as well as global news for the millions of followers that have around the world these masterpieces of cinema. Here’s some of the most relevant mistakes in Hollywood history:


Based on Homer’s classic play, The Iliad, directed by Wolfgang Petersen, starring renowned actors such as Brad Pitt and released in 2004, this film caught the attention of millions of viewers. However, it is also the protagonist of one of the mistakes that has caused the most uproar, because it is so obvious that some do not explain how it couldn´t be seen by the director or the editor.

It turns out that although the story unfolds in Hellenic Greece, or about the 6th century BC, the film shows a picture, where Brad Pitt can be seen in his Achilles character, and just behind him an aircraft, belonging to the present 21st century. In this way, Troy becomes one of the most major films in terms of this type of gazapos.

Star Wars

Another of the most-watched classics in the history of cinema, is the lag of Star Wars, however this masterpiece by director George Lucas doesn´t escape to have one or another mistake, which has gone so unnoticed by the famous director c for publishers.

One of them is, for example, a scene from Episode IV, when in the middle of the sequence you can see an imperial soldier bumping into the upper frame of one of the Death Star’s sliding doors. Being the most talked about error of Lucas’s lag still the public hasn´t established if the door didn´t go up enough or is that the suit did not allow the actor a clear enough vision to avoid the accident.


Starring Russell Crowe, released on May 5, 2000 and a five-time Oscar winner, Gladiator is a pioneer of the revival of Epic Cinema in Hollywood. However, it also doesn´t escape to several small mistakes that haven´t gone unnoticed by the public eye, although apparently it does for its production and post-production team.

Perhaps one of the best-known mistakes of this tape occurs during a scene in which its protagonist Crowe is in the combat arena, on a sword horse in hand. However, the most pressing ones point out that one of the protectors he wears on his shoulders changes places, that is, he passes from the right shoulder to the left in the same sequence.

So everything seems to indicate that even though the editor was able to create that sequential effect, it was actually a scene shot in parts, where neither the script nor the actor accurately remembered how he was dressed.

However, the little mistakes of this controversial tape don´t stop, because another very popular and also much commented point to a moment when the camera takes a carriage that falls in the middle of the fight, and that despite belonging to ancient Rome seems to have in its back a b omba quite current than maybe some kind of fuel that drives the vehicle.

American Pie

Another saga that also does not escape the mistakes within it is American Pie, released in 1999 and which has eight sequels. In the first film of them there is a scene where first shows a shot of one of the protagonists talking to a girl, below, almost bleeding you can clearly see a glass of blue.

When the camera captures the counterplane of this scene, the audience discovers that the blue glass has been replaced by a transparent one without apparently the script or actors having considered it important to preserve the congruence of elements in the same scene.

Harry Potter

Just as a blockbuster as the previous ones, the Harry Potter saga also features some details that have become a topic of conversation between Seventh Art fans and the hunters of such events within the films.

An example of this is one of the scenes from the sequel The Order of the Phoenix in which Harry can be seen peacefully sleeping, when something makes him awaken. Harry’s next shot shows him in another shirt, however it is likely to be a magical shirt that changes color and shape when the wearer wakes it up.

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Examples of bugs in famous films
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August 31, 2019

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