Examples of how to make an Emo makeup

If you have decided to take on the Emo trend, you should be aware that one of the essential resources to achieve your goal is makeup, because this one – accompanied by your smooth and pointed hairstyle- will be the one that will give your face that Emo look that you are looking for.

Keep in mind that the main requirements that all Emo makeup should have is to have dark colored make-up eyes and with the technique of smoking. You should also use black eyeliner, with which you will draw a long line at the top of your eye, Egyptian style, which is intended to make you look like a cat.

However, your cheeks and lips should always go in natural tones, because they are precisely what will define your Emo style and differentiate you from the Gothic trend, in which smoky eyes are also used, accompanied by burgundy or black tones on the lips.

Here are some of the steps you’ll need to take when applying true Emo makeup:

Preparing your face

Before you do your makeup (whatever the style you choose) you need to prepare your face. For this it is recommended that the wash very well, with a neutral soap, in order to remove any impurities, because applying makeup on a skin not completely clean, can cause the appearance of allergic reactions or skin rashes.

Once washed, proceed to apply a moisturizing cream that helps you take care of your skin from the action of makeup, if also your cream may contain some type of sunscreen, much better.

Apply a base

Already with your face washed and moisturized, proceed to use a bar concealer under your eyes, in order to hide any eyes. Also apply it on those stains or marks that you want to hide. With the help of your fingertips spread on your skin, so that a uniform layer is left on it.

Once you have applied the concealer, you will then proceed to apply the base. It is recommended that both the concealer and the base of the same tone and also according to the tone of your skin, so that you achieve the most natural appearance possible. Likewise, some makeup experts advise the use of liquid bases.

Then place a base point on the fingertips of your index and middle fingers, and proceed to apply on your face. It is also recommended to use a brush, in order to achieve a uniform and clean application. Then you can apply a compact translucent powder to give a peach skin finish.

Using blush

Already with your base done, you will proceed to add a little color to your face, for this you will apply a little blush. The tone you choose should be clear, and as natural as possible. You should also apply it sparingly, because the protagonist of your makeup will be your eyes, while according to the opinions of the Emo aesthetic, the feminine look in terms of makeup should be as extreme as possible.

Then choose a shade barely rosof than your skin. Using a brush or brush add it under your cheekbones following a circular pattern. This blush will be applied only on the site of your face, indicated above, so that a shadow is formed that makes your face look longer and thinner.

Smoked eyes

To make up your eyes with this effect you will have to use at least three shades of shade, regularly: white, gray and black. You will proceed by adding the entire eyelid the white shadow, placing main emphasis on the top and outer part of the eye. Then you’ll add the gray shadow all over your eyelid, especially attention to the middle area of your eyelid. With the help of your fingertips you will spread the shadow on the surface of the eyelid.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll then place the darkest shadow, but without it exceeding half the eyelid, focusing on the lower eyelid. You’ll also add this dark shadow to the lower eyelid, where it’s under the eye. With your fingertips try to mix the black shadow with the gray one, trying to spread it from the inside out.


With a liquid or pencil eyeliner if you prefer, you will draw over your upper eyelid a thin line that will start inside your eye, pass through the edge of the upper eyelid and look to end up on a slanted beak on the outside of the upper eyelid.

The idea of this line is that your eye will take on a feline look, although some prefer to relate it to an Egyptian-style aesthetic. Once you’re done with the top, also draw a thin line on the edge of the lower eyelid. It does not need to end up pointed on the outside like the one on the top eyelid. Apply mascara or dark blink.


Finally add a slightly pink or colorless shine on the lips, these should always go in low or opaque tones, because all the attention should be fixed on your sad and melancholy look, which will seal your Emo look. Also avoid overly bright tones, it is better to choose more matte tones. Stay away from lip liners too, as they don’t fit into the Emo aesthetic. Your lips must go unnoticed. And now, you can go out on the street proving that belonging to the urban tribe Emo!

Image source: imagenesdeemo.net

Examples of how to make an Emo makeup
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August 31, 2019

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