Examples of how to make Brandy-based cocktails

If you are one of those who always drinks the same beer, not only because you like it but because you do not know what other options of the liquor menu you may like, this item is for you. This time we will show you the ingredients and preparation forms of some Brandy-based cocktails with which you can accompany some of your departures.

However, it is necessary as always to remind you that excessive drinking is harmful to your health and that you do not need to drink to have fun. However, trying a glass of these rich cocktails – as long as you don’t have any special medical conditions that prevent you – can be a pleasant experience, which will adorn some of the outings with your friends or with that special person.

Femina Cocktail

If you are looking for a deep drink with a sweetness stop, this is the perfect choice for you. Just gather the following ingredients: chopped ice / two (2) tablespoons French congac / two (2) tablespoons of Chartreuse / one (1) teaspoon of Cointreau / one (1) teaspoon of orange juice / one (1) piece of lemon peel. You will also need the following items: one (1) shaker / one (1) cup.

Once you have all the ingredients gathered, start by incorporating ice, congac, Chartreuse, Cointreau and orange juice into the shaker. It then shakes moderately and decants in a glass. Then add the little piece of lemon peel and you can enjoy this tasty drink.


For those looking for a slightly more citrus option, the Bazooka becomes the ideal choice. For your preparation you will need to gather some crushed ice / one and a half (1 1/2) tablespoons brandy / two (2) teaspoons of Cherry Liqueur, two (2) teaspoons of Chartreuse / two (2) teaspoons of Gin / and one (1) piece of pineapple.

Once you have all the ingredients proceed to incorporate inside a container and in order the ice, Brandy, Cherry Liqueur, Chartreuse and Gin. Then mix with a liquor remover or a long teaspoon. Garnisk into a glass, add the pineapple bit and serve it to your guests to delight in the flavor of this drink.


Another delicious option you can choose to delight your palate or treat your guests is the Sidecar drink. To prepare it you must gather the following ingredients: some ice cubes / one and a half (1 1/2) tablespoon brandy / one and a half (1 1/2) tablespoon of Curacao / and two teaspoons of lemon juice. Also, as with the above options, you will need to make use of the following elements: one (1) shaker / one (1) cup.

Already gathered your ingredients proceeds to incorporate in your shaker ice, brandy, cursing and lemon juice. Shake moderately and choose in a glass, so you can enjoy this drink that will imbue your palate with the deep taste of Brandy.

High Society

Another of the choices you can make if you’re looking for a sweet drink is the high society cocktail. To prepare it you will need the following ingredients: one (1) cup of Brandy / one (1) teaspoon of lemon juice / one (1) teaspoon of sugar / one (1) cold soda. You’ll still need one (1) glass of cocktail. Once you have all your ingredients and elements handy, then proceed to incorporate brandy, lemon juice and sugar into your cocktail glass. Top with the soda and add half a slice of lemon to garnish. And another exquisite option is ready to serve your guests or dare to try a new drink.

Alejandro Cocktail

Now if your intention is to impress your guests, you can sweeten their senses with this drink that is not only delicious to taste and smell, but also becomes a delicacy for the eye. Also known as Alexander, to prepare this cocktail you will need the following ingredients: a handful of crushed ice / two (2) tablespoons of Brandy / two (2) tablespoons of Cocoa Cream / two (2) tablespoons of fresh milk cream, which experts say can also be replaced with condensed milk / one (1) tablespoon whipped cream or vanilla ice cream.

You will also have to make use of one (1) shaker / and one (1) large cup, as your preparation will be the protagonist of your table. Once you have all your ingredients gathered we will incorporate in the shaker the ice, brandy, cocoa cream and cream of fresh milk or instead the condensed milk.

According to the experts it is necessary to beat vigorously and quickly, so that the preparation does not lose thickness. Then serve in large glasses, once you have placed your preparation, add in the center the tablespoon of whipped cream or vanilla ice cream, which will give the touch of glamour to your cocktail.

The world of the mighty cocktail is vast and intoxicating. Whether you like yours fluorescent and sporting an umbrella or on the rocks with a twist, the most fun occurs when you get stuck in making them yourself.

All you need to get started is a spirit base of your choice. After that, it’s just a case of experimenting with blends. We’ve put together a guide on how to turn your favourite spirits into something extra special.

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Examples of how to make Brandy-based cocktails
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August 31, 2019

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