Examples of how to make Christmas cocktails

Every time the holiday season approaches, we dust off the ornaments, decorate the house, and prepare to welcome our family and friends. However, beyond the ornaments and our big smile, the dishes and drinks that we will serve at our christmas night table are an essential part of an unforgettable evening.

This time we offer some cocktail recipes with a Christmas touch that will help you become the best of the hosts of these parties. Here are six cocktails that will make you shine on your Christmas celebrations:

Strawberry Bowle

If you are looking for an option that looks beautiful at your table, and that at the same time saves you time, since you will not have to prepare every drink, the Bowle de Frutillas is the ideal, especially if you live in a place, where Christmas is not synonymous with snow but heat.

To prepare it you will need the following ingredients: one (1) kilo or two (2) pounds of strawberries; fifty (50) grams of sugar and two (2) liters of cider from your favorite brand. Similarly, you will require one (1) blender / one (1) chopping board / (1) glass jug / several cocktail glasses, in which you will present your drink.

When you have all the ingredients and elements at hand, then proceed to see yourself in the blender, once washed, at least half ( 1/2 ) kilo of straws, which you will have to blend with the sugar. Once a homogeneous juice is obtained, pour the juice into the glass jug, in which you will serve your drink, and add the other medium ( 1/2) kilo of straws cut into small pieces.

Take it to the fridge or refrigerator to cool. When serving, take it out of the fridge, add the cider and stir.

Serve in cocktail glasses, which you’ve previously made a frosted edge of sugar, for which you’ll need to moisten the edge with a little of your cocktail and pass it through white sugar. Then take them to your table, so that everyone will revel in their appearance, before doing so with their flavor.

Christmas punch

Another collective cocktail option, that is, that several drinks come out of its preparation, is the Christmas punch, a recipe quite popular for lands of the north of the American continent.

For its preparation you will need three (3) liters of lemonade / two (2) liters of orange juice / one (1) liter of pineapple juice / a quarter ( 1/4) kilo of fresh strawberries / two (2) liters of ginger ale, trade name of a ginger-based soda drink / one (1) bot her one liter of Ron, dark or white. You’ll also need a large (1) glass bowl / as well as a (1) bucket to serve it.

Once you have gathered all the ingredients, then proceed to mix the ingredients one by one in your bowl. In this sense add the lemonade, orange juice, pineapple juice, strawberries cut into small pieces, ginger ale, and finally the rum, mix with the help of a spoon. Garnish with lemon or orange slices, and bring to the table, so your guests can be served to your liking.

White Christmas

Thinking a little more personal presentations, without straying from the sweet options, we find this cocktail called White Christmas. For its preparation you will need some ice cubes / forty-five (45) milliliters of tequila / four (4) ounces of eggnog, also called cream nose / half ounce (1/2) ounce of chocolate liqueur / one (1) ounce of whiskey liqueur. You will also need one (1) shaker / as well as one (1) pitcher of beer.

Once everything is handy, you’ll need to pour ice, tequila, eggnog, chocolate liqueur and whiskey into the shaker. Then shake vigorously and decant in the beer jug. You can garnish with some whipped cream and striped chocolate. However, remember to drink it carefully, and not be fooled by its sweetness.

Extreme Christmas

If on the other hand you are looking for a sweet but citrus-flavored drink, Extreme Christmas may be your ideal choice. To prepare it you will need the following ingredients:

one (1) ounce of tequila / half (1/2) ounce of orange liqueur / two (2) ounces of cranberry juice / medium ( 1/2) ounce of lime juice. You will also require one (1) long, pre-cooled glass in the refrigerator. When you have everything at your disposal, then proceed to fill the glass with the ice cubes, and fill half of its contents with tequila, then proceed to add the orange liqueur, and the cranberry and lime juices. Garnishea garnisher and bring to your table to the delight of your guests.

Blue Fizz

If you’re looking to give that New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Eve toast a special twist, the Blue Fizz may be the ideal choice. To prepare it you will need simply one (1) measure of Blue Curacao / and your favorite champagne.

You will also require one (1) flute cup. Once you have everything at hand, then proceed to add to the cup your measure of Blue Curacao, and complete with Champagne. Can’t you get your budget? Replace champagne with any sparkling wine, and toast the happiness that comes with being accompanied by your loved ones on a date that is as special to some as Christmas is.

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Examples of how to make Christmas cocktails
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September 18, 2019

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