Examples of how to make cocktails with pisco

Emerged in Peru during the sixteenth century, this fermented grape wine drink, called Pisco has crossed all borders, becoming one of the most sought after drinks and drinks in all bars around the world, where its flavor is valued and recognized .

However, Chile disputes Peru’s name for its drink, so these two Latin American countries live in a permanent discussion about what is the drink that should really be called this way, if the brandy based on the fermentation of the grape wine made in Peru , or brandy made from fermented grape wine made in Chile. Despite this, the Peruvian Pisco is the one that has been positioned internationally, taking its name at the same time.

In this opportunity we want to offer you some options of cocktails based on Pisco, which you can order from your trusted bartender, or dare to perform at home, in order to surprise your guests. However you should know that no matter how sweet a cocktail can seem like, you can not lose sight of its high alcoholic strength, so that you don´t miss drinks, because what makes a night something special is sharing.

Here are some examples of how to prepare three of the most delicious and drunk cocktails with pisco, around the world:

Machu Picchu Cocktail

As a tribute to one of Peru’s most valuable sites, this cocktail emerges, which not only is a caress to the palate for its exquisite flavors, but has a beautiful view for its colorful layers, which will leave your guests stunned.

To prepare it you will need the following ingredients: one (1) ounce of grenadine syrup / five (5) ice cubes / three (3) ounces of orange juice / one (1) ounce of green mint cream / one and a half (1 1/2) ounce of pure pisco / one (1) orange peel / one (1) cerez marasquino / one (1) lemon peel. You will also require the following items: one (1) high glass or a glass of champagne / one (1) bar spoon.

Once you have all the elements at hand, then we will pour the grenadine syrup, as well as the ice cubes into your long glass. Immediately add the orange juice. In a separate container, mix the pisco with the green mint liqueur. Stir in the bar with a bar spoon.

When ready, add to the long glass with great care that they are mixed, however the different densities of the liquids will prevent them from mixing. Decorate the edge of your glass with lemon and orange peels, which it is advisable to spiral cutting. Add your maraschino cherry too, and serve your guests, not without first recommending that they drink it in layers from the bottom up, without ever mixing them, as it would lose its visual appeal as well as its flavor.

Sun and Shadow

Another famous cocktail is this drink, which is a refreshing choice with a deep flavor. For your preparation you will require two (2) ounces of pisco / one (1) ounce of cherished cream / one (1) sprinkle of lemon juice / a can of ginger ale (commercial ginger soda drink) / one (1) lemon slice.

You’ll also need one (1) long glass / and one (1) cigarette. Once you have all your ingredients, proceed to pour in your glass the ice cubes, the pisco, the cream of cherries, and finally your juice or lemon juice. Complete by adding the ginger ale. Garnish the edge of your glass with a slice of lemon. Serve your guests and enjoy this rich drink with them.

Pisco Sour

However, one of the most famous cocktails based on Pisco is this cocktail, which can be translated as “bitter Pisco” in reference to its character and taste. To prepare it you will require the following ingredients: at least five (5) ice cubes / three (3) ounces of pure pisco / one (1) ounce of gum syrup / one (1) measure of lemon juice / one (1) splash of egg white / one (1) sprinkling of Angostura Bitter. You will also require one (1) blender / one (1) cocktail cup.

Once you have everything at hand, you should then pour the pisco, lemon juice and syrup into the blender. Activate your blender in soft mode. While liquefying gradually incorporates the ices. Once crushed, add the grizzly of egg white and let it trigger for one more moment, aware that the idea is not that the egg is cooked with the speed of the blades, but for it to foam. Then serve in your cocktail glass, add your sprinkleof Angostura Bitter.

And you already have three delicious cocktails that you can serve at any of your parties or dare to try at the next bar you visit!

Imgen source: loquenosabias.net

Examples of how to make cocktails with pisco
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