Examples of how to make coffee-based cocktails

Originally from Ethiopia, internationalized by the process of European conquest, cultivated in the south of the planet and drunk around the world, coffee is one of the socializing drinks preferred by hundreds of consumers on the planet.

With milk, red, cream, cream, cold, hail, ice cream or even used as ingredients of some meals, coffee is one of the most versatile elements in the world of drinks. That is why in recent decades – especially thanks to the momentum of coffee-producing countries such as Colombia and Brazil – a whole culture of consumption has developed around this fruit.

In this way the career of Barista (professional in charge of preparing and artistically presenting coffee) has begun to be one of the most sought after, while coffee-containing cocktails in their preparation are already an essential part of many liquor cards.

This time we want to present some examples of how you can become the star barista of your meetings, either to impress your guests or to pamper that special person. Below are examples of how to prepare some of the most delicious and quoted coffee-based cocktails:

White Russian

Being the contrast of the famous Black Russian, this drink is one of the most requested in the bars for its deep and pleasant taste. To prepare it you will need some ice cubes / one and a half (1 1/2) ounces of vodka / one (1) ounce of coffee / one (1) ounce of milk cream / one (1) maraschino cherry.

Similarly you will require: one (1) long glass / one (1) pitillo. Once you have all the ingredients at hand, we will proceed to prepare the drink. To start, we’ll pour the ice cubes, vodka, coffee and milk cream into the glass. Without stirring, so that the dark part is felt at the bottom of the glass, while the white one is on top. Finally decorate the edge of your glass with the maraschino cherry and serve your guests.

Dirty Mother or Separator

Also known as Dirty Mother, this drink is a perfect substitute for Black Russian, for those who prefer brandy over vodka. It is also an excellent choice for cold climates or to accompany some chocolate dessert. However, you should not be fooled by its sweetness, because it can be misleading, and play a bad trick when you get up to check that you have missed drinks, remember that the important thing is to enjoy and share, not get intoxicated.

To prepare this delicious coffee-based drink you will then need the following ingredients: some ice cubes / two (2) ounces of brandy / one (1) ounce of coffee liqueur or kalhua. You will also require one (1) long glass / one (1) pitillo or sorbete. As soon as you have gathered the ingredients and your elements then proceed to incorporate in the glass the ice cubes, brandy and coffee liqueur.

Add the cigarette and serve. You can also complete the drink with liquid milk, in which case you will be preparing a variety known as White Dirty Mother.

Mount Christ

If on the contrary you are looking for citrus and contemporary flavors your ideal option is this drink, which will also comfort your guests on a cold evening, since it is served hot and in a cup of Irish coffee (long glass cup). However, you shouldn´t be fooled by its appearance of harmless cup of coffee, because its alcoholic content is important.

For its preparation you will require the following ingredients: one (1) ounce of coffee liqueur / one (1) ounce of orange liqueur / hot coffee / one and a half (1 1/2) ounces of whipped cream / juice of (1) lemon / sugar / striped bitter chocolate.

You’ll also need one (1) cup of Irish coffee. When you have everything at hand proceed to moisten the edge of your cup with the lemon juice, then pass it over the sugar to create a edge of sugar to the cup. Then pour your coffee liqueur, the orange liqueur and complete with hot coffee. Then decorate the surface of your drink with whipped cream and striped chocolate. Serve your guests.


Also known by its English name Mind Eraser, it is a true draft of minds, so you should be very cautious in their consumption. In fact it is so strong that it is used to serving in short glasses. So you have to control how many shots in one night. To prepare it you will need some ice cubes / one (1) ounce of vodka / one (1) ounce of coffee/soda liquor or sparkling water.

So you’ll also require one (1) short glass or shot/ as well as a small sorbet. When you have everything at hand, proceed to pour the ice, vodka, coffee liqueur into the glass, complete the contents with the soda or the sparkling water. Add the sorbete and enjoy this delicious cocktail with caution.

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Examples of how to make coffee-based cocktails
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September 11, 2019

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