Examples of how to make Tequila-based cocktails

Originally from Mexico, coming from the distillate of agave and known all over the world, Tequila is one of the most famous spirits in recent decades, both in film and television, as well as in music, literature, and for its position in bars.

Although it should be carefully drunk, due to its great alcoholic content, this noble agave liqueur is an excellent option to prepare fun and delicious cocktails with which to treat your guests or enjoy somewhere with that space person, for its its always being careful not to overdo it, because the important thing is to enjoy, besides that a tequila hangover can make you have a very bad day.

Here are three examples of how to make some tequila-based cocktails, see if on the next night of celebration you’re encouraged to ask your trusted bartender for one, or why not prepare them yourself in the privacy of your home.


One of the most famous tequila cocktails in the world is margaritas. Apparently, this cocktail was the creation of a New York bartender, who won the 1949 American Cocktail Contest with this drink.

The story states that he named it Margarita, after a former girlfriend of Mexican origin, who died very young, and whom he had not yet forgotten. However, some claim that this is merely advertising. Whatever the truth, the truth is that thousands of Margaritas are served daily around the world.

If you dare to prepare it at home, you will need the following ingredients: one and a quarter (1 1/4) ounces of Tequila / media ( 1/2) ounce of Triple Sec / medium ( 1/2 ) ounce of lemon juice / a little salt / some ice cubes. You will also require one (1) shaker / and one (1) large mouth cup. When everything is available, pour the ice, tequila, triple sec and lemon juice into the shaker.

Shake vigorously. Before serving, moisten the edge of the glass with a little lemon juice, and pass it through salt, so you will achieve a frosted edge with salt, then pour your preparation into the glass, and enjoy with your guests.

Tequila Sunrise

If on the other hand you prefer a little sweeter options, the Tequila Sunrise can be your ideal choice, because also its vivid colors will give your party a rather elegant and fun touch to your meetings. Named after its resemblance to the tones of a sunrise (sunrise: sunrise) it is also one of the most sought-after tequila-based cocktails in the world of bars and bars.

To prepare it you will need the following ingredients: three (3) ounces of tequila / one (1) ounce of Triple Sec (can be Cointreau) / one (1) ounce of lemon juice / three (3) ounces of grenadine / three (3) ounces of orange juice.

You will also require one (1) long glass that you will have previously in refrigeration, so that it is frozen at the time of serving your drink. When you have everything handy, take the glass out of the fridge and gradually add each ingredient. Start then with tequila, add Triple Sec, lemon, grenadine and orange juice, due to the different densities you will see how the grenadine is deposited in the bottom, while the yellow of the orange stays on the surface.

You can decorate with the slice of an orange and serve without stirring, because the difference in tones is what gives personality to this cocktail.

Acapulco Nights

In honor of these famous beaches, as well as the incredible nights that can be lived in front of its sea, this drink is also one of the most requested options in the bars, especially if it is a rather cheerful party.

However you should be careful, because the spirits that include make a strong alcoholic mixture, so we recommend that you don´t overdo two glasses, which it is also good that you drink slowly, in order to gradually enjoy its flavor.

To prepare it you will require two (2) ounces of tequila / one (1) ounce of White Rum / three (3) ounces of orange juice / a few ice cubes / a little brown sugar. Additionally you will need one (1) cocktail cup.

With everything at its disposal, proceed to impregnate the edge of the cup with a little orange juice, then pass it by the brown sugar, in order to create a frosted edge with sugar. When you’re done, then gradually add the tequila, white rum and orange juice. And already, serve your guests so that everyone can enjoy the flavor that a night in the Acapulco paradisicon can have.

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Examples of how to make Tequila-based cocktails
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September 18, 2019

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