Examples of how to make Whisky-based cocktails

If you’re a lover of powerful, deep flavors, perhaps the best option for a night of drinking is whiskey-based drinks. In this opportunity we offer you some cocktail options made based on this drink, so that you can enjoy all the character of the taste of whisky.

As always it is good to remember that whisky is one of the strongest drinks that exist, reaching an alcoholic strength between forty and sixty percent, so you should be careful with the drinks that contain it, no means sweeter it is to the palate , since the goal of a night of celebration is not to get drunk but to share with your friends or partner.

Below we will see some of the most delicious whiskey-based cocktails, with which you can treat your guests or prepare them to taste an intimate moment with that special person:

Green Dragon

A first option, with a slightly more citrus than sweet taste, is this delicious cocktail, which is also revealed as a pretty aesthetic choice for your bar or guest table. To prepare it you will need the following ingredients: some ice cubes, no more than six (6) / two (2) ounces of whiskey / one (1) ounce of lime cream / one (1) marrasquino cherry / one (1) ounce of vanilla liqueur / one (1) lemon rind, which you must cut into fo spiral. You’ll also need one (1) flute cup.

Once you have all the ingredients at hand, you will then proceed to the preparation, for which you will incorporate in your glass type flute ice cubes, whiskey, lime cream and vanilla liqueur. Once everything together in the glass, you will immerse the cherry, and on it you will place the lemon rind spiral, in order to decorate your glass. Then serve your guests.


Another delicious cocktail that can accompany you during a business afternoon or an evening with friends is the Frapuchino, which has a delicious flavor, especially for coffee lovers, as well as with a rather aesthetic view, which can assign to your table a touch of gla mour and good taste.

For its preparation you will require the following ingredients: at least six (6) ice cubes / two (2) ounces of strawberry/medium milk (1/2) teaspoon of instant coffee / two (2) tablespoons chocolate syrup / one (1) ounce of coffee liqueur / one (1) ounce of whiskey / two (2) spoonfuls of chantilly cream / medium (1/2) tablespoons of hard shredded chocolate. You will also need: one (1) blender / and one (1) long cup.

When you have all your ingredients at hand, proceed to incorporate in your blender ice, milk, coffee, coffee liqueur, chocolate syrup, whiskey, until you get a thick, homogeneous drink without traces of ice cubes. Then proceed to decant in the long cup. Then garnish the surface with the chantilly cream, and proceed to add on top of the cream the shredded chocolate. Serve your friends.

Barbary Coast

If you’re looking for more sweet-tasting cocktails that combine the strength of whiskey and the depth of chocolate, the Barbary Coast is a good choice.

To prepare it you will require some crushed ice / one and a half (1 1/2) ounces of Gin / one and a half (1 1/2) ounces of rum / one and a half (1 1/2) ounces of cocoa cream .

You’ll also need one (1) shaker / as well as one (1) cocktail glass. You will then add ice, gin, rum, cocoa cream, wiskhy and cream milk to your shaker. Shake vigorously, so that all ingredients are evenly joined together. Decant – without the ice – in a cocktail glass. It can garnish with thin tablets of bitter chocolate.


For those who prefer less sweet cocktails and with more character there are also options, and in this case Goodfather becomes one of them, combining the taste of whiskey with the goodness of amaretto. For your preparation you will require: two (2) ounces of whiskey / one (1) ounce of amaretto and five (5) ice cubes. You’ll also need one (1) glass of cocktail. When you have everything ready, you will proceed to pour in your cocktail glass the five ice cubes, the whiskey and the amaretto. Serves without stirring.


Also for lovers of drinks with character is this cocktail that will fascinate more than one and that has also become the star of more than one movie scene. To prepare it you will require the following ingredients: two (2) ounces of American or Canadian whiskey / one (1) ounce of red vermouth / one (1) cherry.

You will also require one (1) mixer glass / one (1) remover / one (1) iced Martini cup. Once you have everything ready, pour the whiskey and vermouth into your mixing glass, and with the help of your remover mix. Serve immediately in your ice-cold glass and add the cherry on the bottom. Take it to your table to enjoy your guests. Rich drinks you can’t miss, so let’s get to work.

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Examples of how to make Whisky-based cocktails
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September 11, 2019

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