Examples of how to overcome post-vacation syndrome

You spent a few days or months relaxing vacations, during which you woke up late, ate at will, watched TV, read the books you had behind, and met with friends you hadn’t seen earlier.

But since the good doesn’t last forever, the holidays are over and you have to go back to your routine. So as before, you get up early and attend your first day of school or work, and suddenly a great anxiety and sadness takes hold of you. What’s the matter with you?

Known as post-vacation depression syndrome, it is the feeling of irritability or sadness that grips the individual by having left a state that he considers ideal for his life, and being forced again to adapt to a schedule or routine, to which by far that we’re used to, our psyche doesn’t identify as natural.

However, there are some little tricks and attitudes that can help you overcome this inevitable moment known as “first day” of classes or work. Here are a few:

Sometimes sadness also makes us feel alone, which in turn increases our depression, so the first thing you should keep in mind, if you go back to school, high school or college you mean, that you aren´t alone, with you there are hundreds of classmates who they have also had to leave their vacation time behind to return to the routine and obligations involved in a school year.

If it’s your job, think that you’re not alone in the world either, because iwhile in your own company there are those who are also back, just like you, to work.

So he tries to think positive all the time. Remember that in your school or university you meet people you like or have a chance to meet new people in this course that is just beginning. If it’s your office, focus on the colleagues you like, so it’s easier to see the work environment as a nice place.

However, if that doesn’t comfort you, there’s no other thing about incorporating into your routine of always activities that stimulate you as a hobby. You can even start taking extracurricular music, photography or swimming classes.

You can also make an effort and meet some of your friends after the end of your journey, in order to make your mind still feel that novelty and pleasure are present in your life, beyond the daily obligations, which are more difficult to assume r the first few days.

You can also take advantage of enrolling in a gym or sports discipline that you like, because physical exercise makes you release endorphins, with which it is much easier to combat the symptoms of depression and sadness that can assault you during the first days back to school or the office, not counting that there is never others to exercise and seek the health of our bodies.

Another trick to keep you from going back to school or work doesn’t overwhelm you at first is to adopt the habit of getting up early, doing schoolwork or taking off your vacation little by little at least a week before the return date to your routine, so that the contrast between your rest and your obligation is not so abrupt.

Similarly, try to pose as a challenge to achieve better grades than the previous year, or the promotion you haven’t been able to achieve. This way your mind will focus on what you have to do and not what you might be doing at home or for a walk. You can also try to set up study or work groups that allow you to be accompanied in the development of your new goals.

These are just a few of the recommended tips for you to overcome that first post-vacation feeling, which will go by itself in the following days. However, you can also create your own systems and tricks so as not to fall into depression.

However, it is necessary not to lose sight that the main element that will make you keep the joy is to think of the here and the now, because – in the light of the theories of some counselors- holding on to the past will make you feel depressed, while concentrating only on the future it will elit your anxiety, so the best time to live and focus on is the now.

Also, it is important during the first few days to be disciplined, in order to get used quickly to the routine: to lie down early, not to eat a lot of sugar, to exercise, not to reveal yourself on the computer or phone, to do the work on time and not to allow accumulate, pay attention to activities, make an agenda to be organized and not feel that the amount of work or learning outweighs us. That and good fitness will make your return to school or the office the best.

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Examples of how to overcome post-vacation syndrome
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August 25, 2019

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