Examples of how to take advantage of the goodness of white vinegar

Although it is unknown who discovered it or when it began to be used, since ancient times white vinegar has been a staple of our kitchens.

Examples of how to take advantage of the goodness of white vinegar

A multipurpose substance

However, this product from almost any sweet fruit is not limited to the culinary field, offering us hundreds of options ranging from helping us to disinfect some surface of our house to serving as a cosmetic. This time we present some of the domestic uses that you can give to this inhabitant of your cupboard:

As a disinfectant: white vinegar is one of the most power-held antiseptic substances. Simply clean your floor or table with it to make it hygienic and safe places for you and your family. You can also avoid flies. To make it easier for you to use it, you can pack it in a container that has an atomizer, so that you use it as you do with your commercial disinfectant.

As an environment deodorizer: If you want to eliminate the smell of cigarette or moisture in your house, a room or a closet, place a cup of vinegar in a deep dish and put it somewhere in the room you want to deodorize.

In pet breeding: White vinegar can be one of your greatest allies in training and educating your new pet. Dogs are oriented by smell when urinating, so once you have done it in a place, you will pretend to repeat your audacity over and over again. Vinegar helps on the one hand to remove the smell of urine from your floor or carpet, while this deodorizing effect serves so that the dog does not urinate the same place again, preventing it from adopting a habit that would be harmful to everyone.

Against weeds: if when you do home maintenance, you observe small plants that are born between the cracks of the pavement or on the sidewalk in front of your house, do not despair, there is a very practical way to remove them. Just spray them with vinegar and wait for the acetic acid that makes up dehydrate the plant. You should be careful that your other plants do not come into contact with this substance.

You can also use vinegar as a great cosmetic ally. Next we will introduce you some uses that you can give white vinegar in your beauty routine. However, it’s important to note that some people may be allergic to vinegar, so be sure not to be one of them before including it in your dressing table. Some of the uses you can give vinegar as a cosmetic include:

To eliminate frizz: sometimes, no more conditioner and combing cream you use, the weather and humidity play against you leaving your hair as it is a sponge will be treated. However, stored in your kitchen inhabits an ingredient that can become your best friend when it comes to ending that annoying frizz: the destilled white vinegar.

Just mix a tablespoon of vinegar in a glass with cold water, and add it to your hair before the last rinse. This will help you remove fluffy hair, as well as leaving your hair shiny and silky.

As a natural peeling: Once you are completely sure that you are not allergic to vinegar (which you can find out by seeing your trusted doctor) you can incorporate it into your skin cleansing routine, as this ingredient is ideal to get rid of all those old cells that make you look dull and tired, giving your face back its softness and radiance.

In a cup mix equal amount of vinegar and water, then with a clean cotton clean the face in a circular shape. After this cleansing, which you should not do so often, you should apply a good moisturizing cream to your skin that helps you moisturize and protect it.

To prevent acne: although according to doctors acne has more food load than skin, this being just a symptom of a metabolic disorder, white vinegar can help us prevent those annoying pimples and blackheads, as it helps reduce open pores, and acne as well.

Once you’re completely sure you don’t have any allergic reactions to vinegar, just add a teaspoon of vinegar to six teaspoons of distilled water. When you have prepared your mixture, store it in an atomizer container. Wash your face thoroughly with the soap recommended by your trusted dermatologist, and after drying, spray your face with this mixture and let the natural dry.

To take care of our manicure: you’ve probably wondered how to make sure your nail polish doesn’t wear out or peel so fast, because no matter how soon you take care of your nails soon enough something happens that ruins them. However, there is one ingredient that can help keep your nail polish in good condition for a while longer: distilled soft vinegar. After fixing your nails and before painting add a layer of vinegar to them, you will see how your enamel hardens and lasts longer.

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Examples of how to take advantage of the goodness of white vinegar
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