Examples of professionals and artists with Down Syndrome

Down syndrome is a genetic condition, long present in humanity, which is produced by a copy (total or partial) of chromosome number 21, which causes trisomy in this chromosome pair, that is, instead of having two chromosomes in pair 21 there are three, situation that gives the individual particular physical and intellectual characteristics.

Although there is still no medical protocol in most countries to receive a baby with this condition or to guide new parents, society has taken great steps in terms of integration and care for people with down syndrome, which is one of the most common genetic conditions, having an index of 1 in 691 births, as indicated by the American Down Syndrome Association.

In this sense in less than thirty years, science and society went from institutionalizing people with down syndrome, who more than three decades ago were considered mentally ill and taken to special institutions for their care, to developing spaces and means for the acceptance, stimulation, education and integration of people with this condition.

This situation allowed for the first time to discover and recognize the great qualities and capacities of these individuals, who like all human beings are endowed with unique talents.

In the last thirty years a generation of people with down syndrome has been born that has been breaking down barriers and myths about this condition, integrating into society and shining in their professional and artistic careers, proving that being a little different does not is reason not to be accepted or loved.

Here are five short biographies of people with down syndrome who have broken schemes and shown the world just a little bit of the wood that individuals are made from with an extra copy of chromosome 21.

Pablo Pineda: Born in Malaga, Spain, in 1974, Pablo became the first person with down syndrome to obtain a university degree in Europe by graduating in Psychopedagogy. He also debuted in acting with the film Yo so, which made him worthy in 2009, at the San Sebastian International Film Festival of the Silver Shell Award for Best Actor.

He worked for two years in the city council of Malaga, as facilitator of integration programs for people with special conditions. He is currently a lecturer, and travels the world giving talks about his condition and personal accomplishments, in order to raise awareness of the importance of early integration and stimulation for people with down syndrome.

Fernanda Dos Santos Honorato: a Brazilian national and born in the early 1980s, Fernanda became the first person with down syndrome to be integrated into television as a reporter, when in 2006 she began participating in the Special Program, broadcast by TV Brazil. Unlike Pablo, Fernanda did not complete his academic studies, however he pursued a sporting and artistic career, through which he has developed his talents and abilities.

In 2014 he joined rankBrasil. She is also a dancer of cíngara dance and samba, dance with which she participates year after year in the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro, celebration where she was chosen once as a muse of the Recreativo Escola of Samba Portelay. He is also an athlete of the Society for Down Syndrome, where he excels in swimming discipline.

Oriana Chávez: born in Zulia state, Venezuela, and to Colombian parents, this 25-year-old Zulian a woman is a renowned plastic artist with down syndrome and also a great Olympic athlete, who holds a world record in 25 meters breast, which she achieved in Limerick Ireland.

Oriana also works as a child instructor during vacation plans, as well as a preschool attendant. He has also served as assistant coach in the sports training of other special children. He currently resides in Colombia, where he continues to reap triumphs in swimming discipline.

Aline Favaro Tornaz: born in 1991 in Brazil, Aline stands out for being the first classical dancer with down syndrome, a discipline where she stands out for her delicate movements, neat lines and great talent, leaving behind myths about muscle hypotonia and delay psychomotor attributed to this condition.

She was trained at the Sxne Kleine Academy in Santo Andre, Brazil, she has participated in important recitals, such as the one she offered in 1997 at the VI World Congress for Down Syndrome.

Dhayira Navas: Originally from Caracas, Venezuela and born in 1988, Dhayira became in 2014 the first Venezuelan actress with down syndrome to star in a theatrical comedy, in which she remained on stage for an hour, interpreting her texts at perfection, thus defeating the myth about memory deficiencies, attributed to people with down syndrome. With this play, called Who cares?

This actress with down syndrome debuted in the Sala José Félix Ribas del Teresa Carreño, the most important theater in Venezuela. He is currently taking part in the essays on the theatrical adaptation of the novel El General in his Labyrinth of the nobel Gabriel García Márquez, premiered in September 2015. In his working life, he works as a receptionist at the Office of the Secretariat for Caraqueña Identity, attached to the Government of the Caracas Capital District.

Image source: todossomosuno.mx.com

Examples of professionals and artists with Down Syndrome
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August 22, 2019

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