Examples of professions that don´t yet exist

Since the middle of the twentieth century, the most sought after, well-known and necessary professions were those of doctor, lawyer, accountant, engineer and architect, as the world beat at the pace of technological advancement and the industrial revolution. Subsequently, due to technological needs, the races were expanded as others emerged.

Since the middle of the twentieth century, the most sought after, well-known and necessary professions were those of...

Examples of professions that don´t yet exist

In this way the technological and communication sciences took the scene, in an evolutionary process of equipping the industrial world with new professionals and professions that serve their advancement.

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This process of adaptation in the professional field has not stopped. On the contrary, today in the 21st century we see new professions emerge every day, with which civilization tries to prepare to meet the technological, corporate and social challenges that are being seen in the future.

In this sense, Thomas Frey, futurist (those professionals who are responsible for measuring projections on aspects of human civilization) has gathered in a work one hundred and thirty-six professions that in the coming decades will become the most sought after and necessary to meet new technological and business demands. Here are ten of them:

Transitionists: Just as thirty years ago humanity had to adapt and learn for itself how to incorporate computers and the Internet into their lives, this time as humanity prepares again to leave a stage behind and enter the world completely digital, it won’t do it alone. This is when transitionists come in, new professionals in charge of making this transition possible.

Expansionists: Apparently for some it is a fact that environmental pollution has no point of return, or that at least humanity will prefer to change planets than repair itself. In this sense, expansionists are tasked with helping humanity adapt in new environments, oblivious to the one known until now.

Backlashers: Cyberattacks are common in the technological age, so you need a kind of digital soldier who is prepared to counterattack, responding appropriately to an attack, so the backlashers will be those professionals who are in the way of this task.

Inflectionists: Equally a digital world involves attacks and technological competencies, so someone who prepares to identify the tipping points of the systems is vital. Thus inflectionists are profiled as one of the most sought-after professionals of the coming decades.

Maximizers: As important as motivators have been in recent decades, in the future maximizers will be key in the coorporative and business world, where they will be responsible for building and creating new processes and opportunities, because why wait for luck if can be created.

Optimizers: Once the opportunityis created or if something fails with it, the optimizers, professionals prepared to assume and adjust the variables to their benefit then appear on the scene.

Last milers: In the current era, and in the coming decades, the dynamics of supply and demand will grow, so every company strives to get the best product that discards any possible competition. In this sense many companies are even seen in the need to lower the index of their yields or profits, in order to obtain products that achieve customers forever.

But how to do it without affecting the normal development of the company? This is where the last milers come in, who will in the future manage the process by which companies can get the best products without affecting the profit index too much.

Dismantlers: Unlike our grandparents trying to start an industry that remained for centuries, new entrepreneurs know that advancing technologies and rapidly evolving means that entrepreneurs need to keep up with this pace, so the company inaugurated ten years ago is per cent not so profitable today, so it is necessary to culminate with it, to undertake another.

In this sense, The Dismantlers (or Disassembly Experts) become essential like the professionals who will help each company to put an end to its production.

Ethicists: As a civilization we must not only face technological challenges, but also deal with the relationships, customs and functioning of our society, so the ethiscists emerge as the future professionals who will take care of the complex moral and ethical issues inherent in social structure.

Given that our civilization appears to also move towards a society totally governed by technology, these professionals will be of paramount importance in measuring and guiding the moral and ethical processes related to the use of new inventions and advances.

Philosophers: The development of new technologies not only involve more modern machines, but companies also require designing and developing the mechanisms of relationships, strategies and business processes, taking into account maximum performance through intellectual supremacy, this is where the Philosophers come in, a profession that until now, despite being studied, hasn´t been sufficiently exploited by our civilization, which in the coming years will require these professionals who with their knowledge advise companies in the best way to map out their business strategies.

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