Examples of salads for Christmas

Every year, when Christmas comes, the family and social commitments that lead you to host your dinners and events begin again, and like all good party organizers you also need to be innovated in each season.

This time we offer three examples of rich and fun Christmas salads with which you can add a touch of creativity to your Christmas Eve table.

Russian salad

The first salad we will talk about will be the famous Russian Salad, which is famous both in Argentina, as well as in Colombia and Venezuela, countries where it is often used as a companion or side dish for Christmas dishes. Below the ingredients you will need for making this refreshing and nutritious dish: 1 chicken breast / 3 large potatoes / 3 carrots / 1 can of peas / 3 eggs / 1 pinch of salt.

Once you have all the ingredients ready, we will proceed to the preparation. Start by peeling your potatoes and carrots, and chopping them into very small pieces. Also, place a deep pot on the fire, with water, a sprig of coriander and a pinch of salt. When the water has boiled, incorporate your carrots and potatoes, cook for five minutes.

After this time add your chicken and eggs. Let them cook until the carrot is soft. Lower them from the heat, take them out of the water, place them in a bowl and let them cool. The broth left over from your preparation can be stored in your fridge to make rice, used to make arepas dough or to turn it into a rich vegetable soup.

When your ingredients have lost heat and are at room temperature, proceed to peel the eggs and chop them into pieces as well. Using a fork and knife, or your hand, proceed to dismantle the chicken. Open the can of peas and add them to the bowl where you have your chicken, potatoes, carrots and eggs ready.

Add mayonnaise to taste and mix envelopingly, without applying much pressure. Try and if you consider it add salt to taste. Refrigerate and serve cold. And now, you have a delicious Russian Salad that can be the perfect companion to your Christmas turkey!

Apple Christmas Salad

Another rich Christmas dish is the traditional and refreshing Apple Christmas salad, which is already customary in Ecuador. For its preparation you will need the following ingredients: three red apples, two green apples, half a cup of centire, half a cup of walnuts, a cup of pineapple in syrup, half a cup of uvitas raisins. Also for the dressing you will require half a can of evaporated milk, as well as a pinch of pepper and another of salt.

When you have all the ingredients at hand, we will proceed with the preparation, for this you must start by washing your apples very well and chopping them in a cube. Likewise, you should chop the celleri and pineapple into small.

So too, you’ll crush the nuts, so that they’re in pieces. Once you have your ingredients processed, dispose of them inside a salad bowl, add the uvitas raisins. In a separate bowl place the evaporated milk and add a salt and pepper fish, and mix.

Bring your dressing to the fridge until it’s cool, after which you can add it to your ingredients. Mix it envelopingly, and immediately serve your guests, this tasty salad that will surely give a distinctive touch to your Christmas table.

Waldorf salad

If on the other hand you want to give your Christmas Eve menu a slightly more American feel, Waldorf salad is an excellent choice. To prepare it you will need a green apple, about two branches of celeri, the juice of a lemon, a tablespoon of chopped parsley, 2 tablespoons of crushed nuts, a tablespoon of honey, a cup of white cabbage, a pinch of pepper and a pinch of salt.

Already arranged all your ingredients, you will then proceed to the preparation. First, wash your celeri branch very well and chop them into very thin slices. When ready, pour the lemon juice on them, keep separate. The apple is also small, unpeeled. In a deep bowl place a little water and add vinegar.

Wash your cabbage thoroughly and chop it into thin elongated strips, immerse them for at least five minutes in your vinegared water mixture. Remove, wash again with water and drain.

In a bowl, place the apples, cervix, cabbage and walnuts. Proceed then to make your dressing, for this you will need to mix the mayonnaise, the tablespoon of honey, the pinch of salt and pepper, as well as the lemon juice. When well mixed, add it to your other ingredients, and stir until you get a rich salad, which you can serve at your Christmas Eve dinner as an ideal complement to your turkey or pork.

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Examples of salads for Christmas
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August 28, 2019

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