Examples of wine-based snacks

Many times deciding which dish you will serve at a dinner is the least, with dessert, tickets and snacks that complicate the organization of your social meeting the most. This time we will give you some examples of a tasty and elegant appetizers, based on wine, that you can give to your guests, before delighting them with your meal.

It is important to remember that snacks are those drinks that are served before eating, so it should be avoided that they are sweet, because that would take away the hunger of your guests, making them feel satisfied. On the contrary they should be rather bitter and a little dry, so they are almost always made with vermouth or some aromatic herbs macerated in wine. They are also served in small glasses, as the intention is to whet the appetite of your diners.

Here are six examples of wine-based snacks, with which you can treat your guests, both at lunch and dinner time:

Sixty Six

For the preparation of this appetizer you will need the following ingredients: some ice cubes / one (1) tablespoon ce Campari / one (1) tablespoon French vermouth / two (2) teaspoons of sherry / two (2) teaspoons of English gin / the juice of a lemon. You will also need the following items: one (1) shaker / a short standing cup. Once you have everything at your disposal you will proceed to mix the ice, the Camapari, the French vermouth, the sherry and the English gin in your shaker. Shake vigorously, and decant in the short standing cup, without the ice. Once served add the lemon juice. And serve your guests.


At the time of your preparation you need to gather: two (2) tablespoons of port wine / one (1) tablespoon of vodka / a little piece of lemon peel. You will also need to have one (1) shaker / one (1) cocktail glass. Then mix the port and vodka in the shaker, before stirring a little. Garnish in a cocktail glass and adorn the edge of it with the little piece of lemon peel.


This appetizer will require the following ingredients: one (1) tablespoon Italian red vermouth / two (2) tablespoons of sherry / one (1) drizzle or spark of angostura bitters. You’ll also need a big or long glass. Once you have everything at hand, you will proceed to pour in your large glass the sherry, the Italian red vermouth and the sherry drizzle, mix all the liqueurs until you get a homogeneous drink. Then decant in a cocktail glass and bring to your table for the enjoyment of your guests.


This drink is prepared based on the following ingredients: one (1) cup of white port wine / one (1) teaspoon gin / some bits of ice / one (1) piece of lemon peel. You will also need one (1) shaker / one (1) cocktail glass. Once all the elements have been assembled, you will pour ice, white port wine and Geneva into the shaker. Shake vigorously and opt in a cocktail glass. Garnish the edge of your glass with the little lemon peel and serve your guests as an aperitif.

Gancia with lemon

You can also prepare appetizers based on this trademark, which is basically a vermouth made from white wine, citric acid, sugar and some aromatic herbs. One way to make this American-style snack is with lemon. For this you will need to gather one (1) cup of Gancia / one (1) squeeze of lemon / some ice cubes / a little bit of lemon peel. So you’ll also need some items like a (1) long drink.

Once you have at hand all the ingredients will proceed to pour the ice into the glass, then you will add in proportion of 9/10 the Gancia. You will complete (in proportion of 1/10) with lemon juice. With the help of a remover you will mix the drink. You’ll decorate the edge of the long drink glass with the lemon peel slice, and you can immediately serve your guests.


Another aperitif that is very popular, but not that is why it is quite exclusive is the mimosa, which is made based on champagne, which is classified as a sparkling wine of expensive elaboration. For its preparation you will need: champagne of your favorite brand / one (1) teaspoon of Grenadine / juice one (1) orange / a quarter (1/4) cointreau measurement / some ice cubes. You will also need one (1) shaker / one (1) large cup, it can be one of those used to drink champagne.

Once you have all the ingredients at hand, you will proceed to pour the ice, grenadine, orange juice and cointreau into the shaker. Shake vigorously and strain over the champagne glass to separate the preparation from the ice and any residue from the orange. Complete the contents of your glass with champagne. This appetizer isn´t quite dry, so you should serve your guests just a glass of it, before serving your dinner.

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Examples of wine-based snacks
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August 31, 2019

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