Factors that favored evolution

Many and varied elements were those that favored the evolution of the human species. However, I have to take into account that involution also exists and that human beings not only evolve, but also involute. Man began his involution.

Evolution is the sister of involution

But we will see in this post, the primordial factors of that stage in which it is assumed as “evolution”. A crucial aspect is hunting, every time he became an expert when it comes to catching and using intelligence along with strength and physical abilities.

Little by little intellectual activities were developed and in that way, intelligence was sharpened and observation was potentiated. You can not leave aside, one of the main factors: the development of language, which has become increasingly complex, especially when it comes to hunting, because special ways of speaking were generated.

The story is attributed to fire, the main cause of the evolution of man, the company, safety, food quality, among others.

In the same sense, in the future, in the future, in the future, in development, in learning, in the future, in the state, in adolescence, in adulthood and in old age.

A constituent of the most relevant in the process of evolution is the tendency of the human being to try to discover the new; a sense of curiosity that becomes a scientist.

Some are attributed to a sedentary lifestyle, as a place of evolution; However, the first human beings who were those who were already evolving, were nomads and we traveled the whole planet, knowing, apprehending, experimenting, etc.

Factors that favored evolution
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June 30, 2019

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