Facts about the facial hair and beard

The issues of the beard and the beautiful face have been the subject of intricate conversations. Some men like it more than others and the same goes for women, some prefer them with beards, while others prefer hairless ones. But it is clear, that the question is one of taste.

But beyond this, what implications does it have to leave the beard and the beautiful facial without shaving? Well, in this article you will find very interesting facts about the facial hair and beard that you surely did not know and that eventually, these can serve you. Although if it is to be attractive for a woman, everything goes in a matter of tastes.


The first of these is “pogonophobia”, which is extreme fear of bearded men. Above all, it manifests itself in children, who are mostly frightened by big beards.

A huge expenditure of time

The average man spends 139 days of his existence, in the activity of shaving. Those who choose to let it grow, save approximately four months of life and can invest in more interesting matters and save good money on purchases such as creams, lotions, etc.

They are more respected

According to experimental psychology, men with long beards tend to be more respected. Experts say that men behave differently in front of another individual with a well-groomed beard and according to them, they are the ones that most position themselves as alpha males of the group.

And do you like men with beards or without beards more and what do you think of them? Or, if you’re a man, why do you like to wear it, or not? Tell us what you think about it and leave your opinion in the comments.

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Facts about the facial hair and beard
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June 1, 2019

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