Faryd Mondragon, the oldest of the world

Faryd Camilo Mondragon Ali, now holds the record of the most veteran of the world in playing in a match of the world cups after his performance in the game of Colombia against Japan, same in which the Colombian team won 4 to 1.

El jugador más viejo de los mundiales

The oldest player in the world

The record of the most veteran player in the world was, before the performance of Mondragon, held by the Cameroonian Rogger Milla, who participated in the 1994 United States World Cup. By then Milla was 42 years, one month and eight days.

However, 10 years would have to pass so that the brand was beaten, and another player figured in the statistics.

Everything was for Mondragon

Replace an archer is very atypical, unless it is a case of injury or that is expelled, so the opportunity for Mondragon was not seen. However, everything was done so that the Colombian goalkeeper could act.

The first thing that happened was that Colombia achieved its qualification to the second round on the first two dates and, in the match against Japan, arrived without major pressure, although with the challenge of winning.

And so it happened. It ran the minute 84, in the second half, and Colombia scored the third goal (3 to 1 was the game). When this happened, and in the words of Mondragon, Professor Peckerman told him: “Enlist that you enter.”

The euphoria for Mondragon was great, and without more or more, he enlisted and entered in exchange for Ospina (the goalkeeper of the Colombia team). In this way Mondragon, with 43 years and three days, became the oldest player to play a World Cup.

It will take a long time before another player manages to surpass this mark, so that Mondragon is already among the historical ones of the world championships.

Faryd Mondragon, the oldest of the world
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