Feminine tricks to be more beautiful and conquer men

In nature many species are adorned and danced to woo or attract their partner, even to attract their prey, in humanity is present the quest to attract and please, reaching the illusion, to transform reality into a deception. Here, some women’s strategies to deceive men.

Bra with padding: in classical art it is clear the relevance that gives the figure of the woman to her breasts, as a symbol of fertility. At this time it remains a symbol of femininity with a concept more aesthetic than energetic, there are several ways to give volume to this attractive symbol, the braasier with padding allows without surgery the woman enhances its forms.

Corset: since ancient times the woman adopted this awkward but slender way to reduce waist measurements.

False eyelashes: in the language of the gaze, they expand the expression and give the face more relevance.

Makeup: of all styles, in the full range of colors; medium, low or high concept, makeup enhances and covers. It is the most common strategy, used by women, since always women have a permit that at the same time can be a tie-up.

Pantyhose: they make an effect like that of makeup giving shine and softness to the legs.

High heels: there is a beauty scheme for the attractive, and there are heels change in seconds the race, to fit the collective imagination.

Contact lenses: beauty is in the eyes of the watcher, this concept is both internal and external, so, the times allow them to change and adjust to taste what was initially real.

Image source: pixabay.com

Feminine tricks to be more beautiful and conquer men
Source: curiosities  
August 22, 2019

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