Football’s most dramatic moments

According to the Royal Spanish Academy of Language, a phenomenon “that cannot be explained” by today’s Science can be defined as paranormal, so it becomes a field of study of parapsychology, that is to say those events to which scientists cannot give res Put.

In this sense there are many stories that we have heard about houses, hospitals, schools, cemeteries, forests and even churches where events occur that people identify as paranormal: voices, apparitions, moving objects, stelae recorded in photos or videos, unexplained noises, etc.

However, many would be surprised to learn that sometimes such phenomena also move to football stadiums, to manifest themselves in full matches before hundreds of eyes, and even to be recorded by the media.

That’s why on this occasion we wanted to gather some of the most relevant, mysterious and unexplained events that have occurred in the world of football in recent decades. Here are three of football’s scariest moments:

The Phantom of Do Dragao

According to several Portuguese media outlets, on October 3, 2012, in the middle of the Champios League game, between Porto and French PSG, the cameras of the AP news agency were able to capture a spectral figure appearing in the stands  of the stadium, captured just as Colombian James Rodriguez celebrates scoring the goal, which eventually ended up giving Porto the victory that day.

In the photo published on the portal of the aforementioned agency, which went around the world, being christened “the ghost of Do Dragao” you can see an opaque figure, who seems to correspond to a man, dressed as the use of the last century. Even at the time some media outlets went so far as to claim that it is a football-loving spirit played by James, and that he accompanies him in every celebration.

Likewise, some photography experts went so far as to say that it was impossible not to be a paranormal fact, since the speed of the shutters of the cameras used to launch bursts of photos at that time would not have allowed to capture a blurred image, so many consider facing a real paranormal phenomenon.

A ghost crosses the court

Another “ghost” appearance that occurred – according to witnesses and knowledge – during a football match took place on an Argentine court in November 2014, when during a match between racing club and River Plate, held at academy stadium, fans they could watch on television as the fuzzy shadow of a man’s figure passes through the side, then traversed the bar and the fans’ stands without any difficulty.

Likewise, social media and sports news quickly echoed the paranormal event, showing over and over again the video in which you can see how in the twenty-two minute of the game, this figure – catalogued by some as spectral – runs by the band of the court in front of everyone’ eyesight.

Some even came to identify this apparent manifestation in the spirit of former player Natalio Perinetti, star of the 1930 World Cup, and who had the opportunity both to debut at the age of seventeen at the Academy stadium, and to conclude his career in 1934 with the River. Deceased in 1985, he is for many the perfect candidate to be associated with this player from beyond.

However some others claim that the ghost could be anyone, because in this stadium – according to its visitors and users – many of these kinds of phenomena occur, perhaps due to the number of fans whose last wish is to spread their ashes in this court, wills that are also fully fulfilled by their oweds.

Party suspended for UFO sightings

Likewise, the paranormal events that occurred during football matches are not only confined to apparent ghostly demonstrations, but have also grazed the field of ufology, reporting UFO sightings in front of thousands of fans.

One such case occurred in October 1954 in Italy, when during a match Fiorentina and Pistoiese, dozens of spectators were able to see how at least twenty objects with ovoid and silver shapes filled the sky, remaining suspended over the stadium. The upheaion was such that the game had to be suspended, as the attention of fans and players was placed on the strange unidentified flying objects.

Similarly, according to a report by BBC Mundo, several of the witnesses claimed to have seen a sticky, cotton-like substance falling from the sky, which posed on the ground until it evaporated, and which could not be collected, as it was dematerialized. Some hypothesized that both objects and this strange material corresponded to cobwebs, because at that time of year it is common for spiders to migrate using air to do so.

However some tests done to the substance were not consistent with the natural material of spider webs. Thus also several local media reported some sightings in villages near the stadium where this phenomenon was experienced that even today remains a mystery.

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Football’s most dramatic moments
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