Four of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning


Named Four golds, this card occupies the fourth place in the suit of Pentacles of the Tarot Lesser Arcanes. On this occasion we want to offer a synthesis of the general interpretations that are attributed to this deck by scholars of this divinatory method that emerged in medieval Italy.

In this card we can see in front of a man, dressed in red, who sits, holding with his two hands a gold coin, in which one can see the inscription of a pentacle, pointed out by the connoisseurs as symbol of the element Earth, which is also represented by the Pentacles suit.

Under his feet, this man steps on a gold coin with each of them, as if his arms were not catching him and had to use his feet to catch those coins, and protect them from someone who might want to take them off. Also on its head poses a fourth coin, where you can also observe the sign of the pentacle.

For the experts in symbology this card represents the man, who because of the calamities he has lived in his past, has decided to save and collect for him as much as he can, however on that path his heart has become greedy and now he wants to keep everything to He. It also speaks of a being for which material has become the most important thing.

In this way he is convinced that only the economic is what gives happiness and is willing to treasure his fortune, with which he covers himself as if it were a shield, but being unable to cover his back of the city that can be seen behind him.


As for the specific plans of existence, this card also has specific meanings. For example, in the field of work the presence of this card speaks of the consultant having the talents and knowledge to succeed in those projects and challenges that are presented to him at the work level, only that he must dedicate himself and concentrate on the application of them, because talent without practice equals the idea without action.

It also speaks of a stage or opportunity of leadership that arises in the work environment, and that will fill the consultant with satisfaction, also providing him with a good sum of money.

As for the economic part, the appearance of this card speaks of the situations of precariousness that the consultant has been going through, which has led him to work hard to accumulate wealth that allow him not to live days of need again However, he cannot become obsessed with the idea of poverty, as he will end up attracting it back into his life.

On the contrary, you must concentrate on business, knowing that the presence of the Four of Pentacles also signals you a good streak where you will have a very good eye on where to invest your money, having great profits, that will come to reinforce your family’s wealth.

On the love ground, the Four of Pentacless also speaks of the decision on the part of the consultant to make a shell that prevents others from harming him, as has happened before, however because of that obsession with protecting himself may be passing up the opportunity to meet him someone to share his life with. We can’t protect ourselves from feeling or living, we can’t lock ourselves in a glass box so we don’t get hurt.

It is time to let go of the past and accept the future, so it implies being vulnerable again. However – and that is why it is important to always analyze the cards in their context, that is, by reading it next to the accompanying cards – this card may also reveal or be talking about our consultant’s obsession with unrequited love.

Personally, the Four of Pentacless can also account for overprotective parents, who for fear of losing their children subject them to suffocation, producing in their children, precisely what they want to avoid, to go away, not to have them. In this sense we must bear in mind that no matter how much we take care of things, if they are in our destiny they will pass, because although caution is important in life it cannot become an obsessive thought.

If it appears inverted

Like all Tarot cards, the Golden Four also has a meaning if in the middle of a reading it comes to appear headlong, i.e. inverted. In this case he loses his sense of greed and accumulating wealth, to become the exact opposite: waste.

Thus, an inverted Four golds may be directly referring to the bad habit of spending without foreseeing the future, of borrowing, of investing money, and even of spending it playing, so this inverted card may also be pointing out situations of Gambling.

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Four of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning
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August 31, 2019

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