Four of Swords Tarot card meaning


Named Four of Blades, this card occupies the fourth place in the Sword of the Tarot Lesser Arcane suit. In this article we will explain a synthesis of the general interpretations made of this deck by the specialists in this divinatory method, which apparently emerged in medieval Italy.

Based on the Tarot Rider, in this card we can see in profile the image of a man, who is lying in what appears to be an ancient medieval coffin. His hands rest crossed on his chest, both he and the place where he rests is golden, behind you can see the stained glass of a church, as if the man were in a pantheon.

However, however confusing this card may confuse us, the experts in symbology have pointed out that the character of this card is not dead, but on the contrary is alive and in deep reflection on life.

In this case, symbol scholars refer to certain rituals carried out by the ancient knights of the Middle Ages, who before embarking on the path to a battle, carefully prepared the coffin where they would be buried when their body returned .

Occasionally when some knights survived their adventures, they would return to give themselves — lying inside or in front of the coffin — to a deep reflection on life and its role in it. That is why – according to what some tarotists claim – in this illustration you can see three hanging swords, representing the knights who did leave, and a fourth sword at rest under the knight, which is a sign of life and reflection.

Some other symbolist has not ceased to see in the man who rests the signal of the one who sleeps waiting for someone to appear or something to wake up.


As for the specific blueprints of existence, this card also has specific meanings, however most of them talk about the challenge of standing still in the face of some events, for the key message of this card is to remain in rest or not yet act in the face of certain conflicts, which requires a lot of peace and wisdom, because restraining impulses isn´t an easy task, however victory on this occasion is won by maintaining stillness.

For its part, for the specific field of work, the Four of Swords may be telling the consultant that perhaps the time has come to rethink certain goals, that is, to sit on the edge of the road and think about the strategies to be followed, for it is in that of i walk that the warrior reflects on his mistakes, weaknesses and strengths.

This card also refers to the need to rest, as the consultant may encounter a great burden of stress that compromises his health, as well as the mental clarity he needs to make decisions.

Economically, the presence of the Four of Swords also speaks to the need to remain calm and not activate the processes, so if the consultant was about to invest a silver or establish a society, he is advised to think clearly about the matter , postponing the signing of papers or the delivery of money, because this card would be advising inaction for the moment, in order to be able to see things clearly, for it is life that will show us what we need to see, but there is a moment to do it.

For their part, the love plane can be marked by great conflicts and clashes between the couple. The presence of this card indicates that it is not with aggression and force that the problems that have to do with the heart are repaired, but with peace and calm, so the appearance of the Four of Swords speaks to the consultant of the time of resting , and wait for the storm to pass and wisdom to come, for the heart needs a moment also to think and learn from what it is living.

As for health, the Four of Swords may be referring to back or spine problems, which are being caused by the place where we sleep, either because the mattress we rest on isn´t in the best condition or because the problems aren´t allow us to rest properly.

Likewise, in a health consultation, the presence of the Four of Blades speaks to the consultant about the importance of resting properly. If the person recovers from illness, he or she is advised to keep a little more rest, as he needs to recover.

If it appears inverted

Like each and every Tarot card, the Four of Blades also has a specific meaning if it appears inverted, i.e. headlong. In this case it does not lose much of the content that it had when it is right, because this card continues to indicate the importance that it has for the consultant to take a time of rest, in which he can recover strength and choose well the path by which he should travel.

The presence of this inverted card tells us that not taking time for reflection puts us at risk of continuing to make the same mistakes as always, because we have not given ourselves the opportunity to think, learn and grow.

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Four of Swords Tarot card meaning
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