Funny birthday

The birthday is for many people the most special date that can happen each year, as other special dates and other types of celebrations, including Christmas or New Year.

But surely you have not come here to look for something funny for yourself -although if it is so magnificent-, but for a relative, friend or acquaintance.

And the best thing is that you want to leave the traditional birthday postcard or phrases that by now may sound a bit cliche, so good for you, to look for other options.

And you have come to the right place because we are going to leave you a video that will surely make a good time and, as is common, will even steal a smile because it goes out of the ordinary and the pattern and even remotely suspect in what ends the video. It is an unexpected surprise.

We hope you enjoy them and surely the other person will do it, no matter if it’s a woman, if you want to take her hair and make her have a nice time, it’s a nice joke that you can do on her birthday.

But without further ado, here we go, we hope you enjoy it.

Funny birthday
Source: curiosities  
April 1, 2019

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