Government psychic weapons

Since ancient times, it has been evident that some human beings have abilities that allow them to see the afterlife, the future, levitate, telekinesis and others so to speak powers, which for a normal person are not known to him.

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It is no secret to many people that some of the greatest monarchies and governments have sought out people with supernatural powers, with whom they have maintained great empires through fear or respect instilled by these super humans.

If you have ever heard for example Rasputin who had great influence over the Romanov dynasty in Russia, or the terrible Attila the Hun who had a select group of people with powers who helped him see the future so that he could win wars and kingdoms , then you’ll understand what we’re talking about.

We would think that today, in the era of computer science and telecommunications, great governments would not believe in past histories, such as that Mother Russia had a select group of people with psychic powers during the so-called war Cold.

But to the fascination of many and the skepticism of few, current governments have had programs for the development of people with psychic abilities, and they know that at a certain point this can be a very important token to win any war or conflict before it begins.

So important is to have these psychic work teams that the British Ministry of Defence on 23 February 2007 asked a large number of people who had the capacity to see the future or to have a remote view. Of course after the news came to the public, the defense ministry denied it all.

Of course, another of the great countries that have been involved in great wars, such as the United States, is no stranger to the subject. In 1975 he started a large program called “stargate”, which aims to develop extrasensory perception in a select group of people, in order to be able to identify any object or person over long distances even in other countries.

Despite the good results achieved with the “Stargate” program in 1995, the CIA stopped ending it. Apparently after this news is given to the public this is the easiest way to hide it.

Government psychic weapons
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July 31, 2019

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