Grapefruit healing properties

Perhaps best, before addressing an explanation of the different healing properties, attributed to grapefruit or grapefruit, by portals of naturist medicine, is to briefly review the definition, origin and characteristics of this fruit, recognized as one of the main citrus fruits.

Grapefruit: origin and history

In this sense, it can be said that grapefruit – also known as grapefruit, or by its English name grepafruit – is a fruit born from the grapefruit tree or grapefruit tree, which is considered a hybrid, between the orange duce tree and the pampelmusa tree, which is believed to have emerged spontaneously, even though the precise place where these two plants crossed their genetics is unknown, since the origin of grapefruit remains an enigma to Science, even though there are theories that favor considering the Caribbean as the land where this fruit was born.

However, historically it is known that it was the cleric and botanist Hughes Griffiths who baptized this plant in the eighteenth century, placing it by name grapefruit, a voice that can be literally translated as “forbidden fruit”.

Despite its enigmatic name, and its even more unknown origin grapefruit has been gaining its place within crops around the world, being then highly cultivated and consumed, since for no one it already seems to be a secret that this fruit is a high source of vitamin C and minerals such as Phosphorus, Calcium, Potassium, Iron and Magnesium. It is also an important source of fiber and water.

Healing properties of grapefruit

However, Grapefruit is not only a fruit with great nutritional properties, but it is also a natural food with important healing qualities, which has made grapefruit or grapefruit become the usual recommendation of the nutritionists and doctors, especially when it comes to starting weight loss processes. Here are some of the most important healing properties of grapefruit:

An important antioxidant

First, Grapefruit is now recognized as a fruit with a large amount of antioxidants, so on the one hand it is considered a source of youth, as a food of great importance when it comes to seeking a proper cell renewal. Also, some sources point to the grapefruit’s ability to fight and keep free radicals in check, which can cause some cancers in the body, especially the mouth and stomach.

Against the cold

On the other hand, like good citrus, grapefruit is a fruit that counts in its constitution with an important load of vitamin C, so its frequent consumption makes the body have a strong immune system, which protects it from cold or cold pictures , and may even help overcome any of these paintings, in case the person has become ill.

Protects from cardiovascular accidents

Likewise, some portals specialized in naturopathic medicine indicate that antioxidants present in grapefruit or grapefruit also fight against free radicals in the body, related to strokes, heart attacks or other diseases related to cardiovascular system deterioration.

In this sense, according to those who point out, frequent consumption of grapefruit can help the body protect itself from any of these conditions. Likewise, if you have suffered any of them, consuming grapefruit can also help the body recover, and above all to prevent the advent of a new episode.

Helps you lose weight

Among the different properties of grapefruit is also to be an allied food when carrying out medical processes aimed at seeking a loss of body weight. In this order of ideas, nutritionists and physicians point out that grapefruit can be a great source of naringin, a substance that helps accelerate metabolism and intestinal transit.

Similarly, according to the specialists, grapefruit has substances that incentivize the burning of body fat, which together with its large amount of fiber, water and its low calorie load, make it the ideal breakfast or snack of every individual who tries to reduce kilos of their weight.

The Fruit of Happiness

Finally, according to the specialized sources, Grapefruit or Grapefruit can be used to help in depressive tables, or even to prevent a new episode of depression, since this fruit contains endorphins, substances that according to science stimulate the feeling of well-being and happiness in the individual.

As a result, grapefruit is an ideal choice to start the day, or also relieve the afternoon a little. In addition to this, grapefruit has also been recognized as a fruit with the ability to improve memory and attention in people, so it can also be a good breakfast option before departing to daily activities such as classes or work.


Grapefruit healing properties
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September 30, 2019

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